Plum or plum?

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Plums or plums - that's the question! Botanically, plum trees include plums, mirabelles and rennekloden. The European plums are believed to come from two parent species: the wild cherry plum (Prunus cerasifera) and the common sloe (Prunus spinosa). And because different descendants like to cross each other uncontrollably, countless varieties have developed.

Great variety of varieties of plums and plums

Plums are locally referred to as "plum" or "squeezing". In Austria, the fruits are officially called plums, even if one actually means plums - in northern Germany it is the other way around: there one knows only plums. A dispute about it is not worth it, because plums and prunes intersect at will. The transitions are flowing and the color and richness of forms is as big as in hardly any other fruit. Even with the taste surprises are not excluded: There are both sour plums and sugar sweet plums.


The plums include all forms with elongated, tapered, undrilled fruits and dark blue or black-blue shell. This is usually also "frosted", so covered by a thin white protective layer of natural fruit wax. The flat stone dissolves easily from the sour, greenish-yellow flesh. Plums are excellent for baking cakes and preserve their distinctive aroma even when awakening or freezing. A famous plum variety is the 'Bühler Frühzwetschge'. Newer varieties such as 'Jojo' and 'Presenta' bear larger and also more aromatic fruits and are resistant to the dreaded Scharka virus, which makes the fruits gummy and inedible.



Plums (left) are more roundish to oval shaped, plums (right) are rather oblong to oval


The plums are especially the plums with mostly round, blue or reddish fruits, the yellow or green rennet and the marble-sized, sugary, usually less aromatic mirabelle. All plums ripen already in midsummer. The fruits are sweet and very juicy. The pulp is not very firm and the roundish core inside dissolves in almost all varieties hard from the meat. Recommended varieties are for example 'Ruth Gerstetter', 'Tophit Plus' or 'Queen Victoria'. Caution: Plum and dark plum varieties develop their full aroma only one to two weeks after the blue color, as soon as every green shimmer on the shell has disappeared, but the fruits still feel plump and firm. First pick the fruits on the sunny side and in the outer area of ​​the crown.

To boil the plums

For the cooking of plum fruits we have here a fine recipe for you:

Potted prunes

Preserved, the fruits are durable throughout the winter

1. Pound one kilogram of firm plums or plums and cut into slices.
2. Boil a cinnamon stick, a star anise flower, three cloves with 150 milliliters of red wine, 100 milliliters of grape juice (variant: for plums sweet-sour instead 100 milliliters of red wine vinegar) and 100 milliliters of water, simmer for five minutes. Then remove the spices.
3. Fill the fruits into prepared mason jars, top up until just below the rim.
4. Close the jars and cook in the pressure cooker, steam oven or automatic cooker according to the instructions of the appliance.

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