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The fruit trees need a sheltered, sunny, warm place


Not all varieties of plums are self-fertile, so ask directly when buying


Prunes: They are characterized by roundish to oval fruits and soft, very juicy and sweet flesh. They are heavily frosted and have a skinny stone

Plums: oblong oval fruits with firm aromatic flesh. The stone is pointed. The white tires protect the damson from drying out. Shark-tolerant and self-fertile: 'Herman', 'Hanita', 'President', 'Hauszwetschge'
Renekloden: large, round fruits in different colors.
Mirabelle plums: small, round and sugar-sweet fruits. Good stone dissolving


Optimum growth conditions provide a humus rich, nutrient-rich and evenly moist soil. However, the soil requirements are also dependent on the processing documentation, so it is advisable to ask before buying the necessary growth conditions


The care effort is kept flat with hoes in the spring, with the application of a thick layer of humus in May and October in limits Plums can be trained to spindles and hollow and pyramidal crowns. The cut is used in the first three to four years, the crown structure and later for continuous fruit harvesting. The most beautiful fruits grow on the young wood, therefore mature older regularly after harvest.


Many species are severely endangered by the schizka disease (a virus). The infestation has a devastating effect on the harvest, the fruits fall prematurely; Therefore, ask at the nursery for tolerant varieties

Video Board: How to Prune a Plum Tree.

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