Maintain Christmas Star - 4 Tips

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When it comes to a Christmas decoration, of course, a poinsettia may not be missing. How to cultivate such a poinsettia, read here.

Poinsettias are perennial plants

Poinsettias are perennial plants

As soon as the Advent season approaches every year, countless flower shops also offer Christmas stars in various sizes that are actually from America. Among other things in the bright leaf colors red, pink and white. Partly but also with color-lined leaves, the so-called bracts (bracts), in green or white.

While the poinsettia, also called Adventsterne or Christsterne, makes itself wide in its home as a shrub with up to 5 meters height in the gardens, it can only be bought and maintained here as a potted plant. Poinsettias are actually perennial plants to marvel at, which can easily succeed in proper care of the flower stalk in the pot!

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When buying, you should always make sure that the almost inconspicuous flowers inside the respective flower stems make a relatively fresh impression, and have not already fallen off. In addition, the biggest problem is that the poinsettia should be transported home by the florist, if possible without drafts, in order to maintain its full splendor for a long time. Ideally, you should therefore wrap it loosely in paper on frosty days.

Maintain Christmas Star - 4 Tips

Tip 1 - Light / Temperature
It is important that a poinsettia receives as much as 12 light hours (sun) per day, which can be compensated with artificial daylight at any time. In principle, the poinsettia, however, loves a low-temperate sun place (about 20 degrees room temperature). Partial shade can sometimes cause him even slight problems.

Tip 2 - Pour
In addition, he should always be kept slightly moist with as little water - he responds to waterlogging extremely sensitive! Too much irrigation water you recognize the yellowing of the leaves, which can also lead to the death of the plant. In such cases as soon as possible repot the stick in new soil or a new substrate.

Tip 3 - Fertilize
Poinsettias need during the flowering (not to be confused with the colorful bracts) if possible once a week a commercially available fertilizer. The same applies to the time of its growth - usually immediately after repotting.

Tip 4 - repot
In spring, you can generously cut back the poinsettia and repot it into fresh soil or fresh substrate. During the summer months you can then hold it in a sheltered, light-flooded outdoor area. And in autumn at the latest, you can enjoy the fresh, colorful leaves again.

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