Christmas stars multiply by cuttings

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Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima), like many other indoor plants, can be propagated by cuttings. In practice, mainly used head cuttings. Tip: Always cut a little more cuttings than you need, because not all reliably rooted.

Multiply Christmas stars: That's how it's done!

Poinsettias are best multiplied by cuttings. These fall in pruning in the spring or pruning in the summer anyway in large quantities. The best time to grow poinsettias is in the spring or at the latest in August / September. Only use cuttings from healthy and vigorous mother plants. The cuttings themselves should not be too soft, but not too hard. The cutting tool (knife, scissors) should be clean to sterile to prevent infection.

Cut the poinsettia of the poinsettia just below the node (branch knot) eight to ten centimeters in length and dip the ends, from which milk juice emerges, briefly into lukewarm water to quench the bleeding. Attention: The milk can cause skin irritation. Remove all lower leaves. If you want, you can add some rooting powder to the interface. Subsequently, the cuttings are placed about three inches deep in coarse sand mixed with potting soil. The sand prevents waterlogging and ensures good drainage. Water the cuttings well. The location for the poinsettia is at best bright and warm with constant temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. The cuttings should be protected against direct sunlight or drafts. A sill facing east, west or south is good place.

Cuttings under plastic

To increase the humidity, you can, for example, wrap your poinsettia cuttings in freezer bags

A miniature greenhouse or a construction made of foil, which is placed over the cuttings, increases the chances of success. Namely, as long as they have not formed roots, cuttings can hardly absorb water and rely on receiving the required liquid through the ambient air. A high humidity is therefore essential. As soon as the spikes begin to grow, which is why rooting has begun, you should add air daily until you can remove the cap completely.

Pointer Christmas starlings

After a few weeks, the cuttings have sufficient roots and can be placed in their own pots. They recognize the right time to show new leaves. To replenish, poke the potting pot on a table edge or similar. This is how the delicate plantlet dissolves best from the vessel and you avoid possible injuries of the roots. In the weitererkultur the temperature should not fall below 18 degrees Celsius.

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