Poisonous plants in gardens - You should know these 7

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Poisonous plants garden notes

They are beautiful, but there is something dreadful in them: poisonous plants are more and more often in German gardens to find. This is usually not a problem as long as you exercise caution. However, if children live in the household, then you should either do without these plants or enlighten the kids early enough.

Here is a small selection of popular plants that are not to be trashed with:

  1. Cherry laurel: The seeds are highly toxic and form hydrocyanic acid
  2. Thimble: When consumed, it can lead to cardiovascular problems
  3. Eisenhut: probably the most poisonous plant in Europe: causes paralysis
  4. Beans: raw they are inedible and cause indigestion
  5. Belladonna: Both the fruits and the leaves contain alkaloids
  6. Ivy: if berries are found on the ivy, the consumption can cause poisoning
  7. Yew: Although the pulp is not poisonous, the seeds already, as well as the leaves

Anyone who is a bit cautious and does the right education will have no problems with these plants.

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