Planting runner beans - That's how it's done

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Runner beans need a lot of heat

Beans are really great because they taste great. How about you planting runner beans?

Stable beans in the garden
Do you like beans so much? Then plant a few in your own garden and harvest the tasty vegetables. The difference to purchased beans you will taste very fast - as with all other vegetables and fruits also.

Plant runner beans
Pole beans need a climbing aid to grow ideally. Ideal is a framework of individual poles of wood or metal. They can walk up to it. Even an existing fence is a good climbing opportunity. The planting distance should be 60 centimeters. It is sown in mid-May. There should never be more than 12 seeds around a pole. The depth: about two centimeters.

Beans need a lot of heat
During growth you should take care of the young plants, tear them out so that the others can thrive better. To harvest more pods, you need to pile up the young bean plants, which have reached a size of about 20 centimeters. Otherwise, beans prefer a sunny location and a lot of heat. Give enough water and nutrients, then you can harvest plenty from September.

Video Board: How To Plant Beans.

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