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Every year, many children crash in the garden pond. Many accidents end fatally. That does not have to be. The source of the accident is known and who has children, the pond should be so delimited that no child can hurt. In fact, if you have a pond on the property, you have to secure it. However, this is done with a fence around the property. If a child drowns in the pond of the neighbor, this gets really trouble if he has not secured his pond.
Water always attracts children. You can explain them 100 times, they can not go there, they do it. Even if you let your own children watch the construction, showing them from the inside of the pond how deep it is and how they understand it and avoid the pond, what about foreign children, visitors, neighbors? Better to secure yourself and all children.
Fences are a very stable protection. However, it is usually very easy to go over fences and to use a chair, a stool or something similar. Children are inventive. More suitable is a stable fence that is inclined to the water at 45 degrees angle. Since you can go over it bad. The fence can be made of steel pipes. For the cross braces use thick plastic cord. The steel pipes must be fixed on plates that are firmly buried. 4 eyelets are attached to each steel tube, through which they run ropes. The construction, if done correctly, is very stable. If a child should get over it, it can hold on to the strings, if the pond liner does not stop.
Furthermore, stable grids just below the water surface are useful. They can be mounted so that they are barely visible. At the edges they have to be fastened neatly. The edges are hidden under the shore plants. The grids are available in every hardware store. However, they are not very large and not suitable for larger ponds. In these you have to put piles in the water, which support the grid. Take care with pond liner.
Favorable are stable nets, similar to those that secure the swimming pools. They are firmly anchored in the ground with long hooks. The distances must not be too large, which the children can not crawl underneath.
You can plant a pond so close to the edge that it is impossible to get through it. But that is one thing that has to be planned in the long term. Children can rarely be planned so precisely that they fit in between.
A slightly better security is provided by raised ponds. At a height of just under one meter, small children get worse. However, the tots are inventive and help themselves with garden chairs, boxes and other. So these ponds do not offer ideal protection.
It is better to use a grid, a net or a fence. If properly fitted, they offer good protection. Otherwise only help fill up!

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