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Already before the beginning of pond construction, the rough direction of the pond design should be included in the planning. Finally, the pond shape, the bank height or even a well after the later design.
Also to be considered in the construction planning, the size of the pond and the existing space offer.
Also, the location of the garden pond should be taken into account, because here are different factors to bear, such as whether a large tree throws its foliage roof over the pond, when the sun is available and especially how the water supply can be realized without problems.
There are no limits to your own imagination when it comes to pond design, such as sophisticated light and water games, various pond figures and different styles, such as the Japanese. The larger the pond, the more choice you will get in the design, so a stream can be built yourself and the pond edge nicely decorated.
Garden pond with different depths
If different water plants are to be integrated into the pond, then the garden pond should best be created with different water depths. So that native plants and fish can overwinter, the garden pond should be at least 80 centimeters at the largest water depth.
In the case of aquatic plants, a distinction is made between the shallow-water zone, the shallow-water zone and the deep-water zone. There are also plants that are on the water surface or directly at the pond.
For the shallow-water zone, Kalmus in the colors green-yellow or brown, the white calla-calla, the yellow marsh-marigold or the yellowish-yellow dwarf lily can be selected as plants. In a bright violet, the brook mint or the blue pike and the golden yellow juggler flower can be chosen for the shallow water.
For the shallow water, the reddish-white Blumenbinse, the golden yellow sea pot and the brown sea and Teichsimse are suitable. Fir fronds and the golden yellow sea teapot at the garden pond also offer a beautiful eye-catcher.
For the deeper water, the water lilies are used in different colors, which is the most well-known representatives of the aquatic plants next to the yolk-yellow pond rose. A nice contrast is the light blue water walnut, which is also suitable for the deep water zone.
If plants are to swim on the water surface, the swimming fern and the crab claws are recommended here. But not only the water plants are to be considered in the pond design, but equally the plants at the pond.
The well-known willowherb, the butterfly flower and butterbur are very popular here. The ragwort and the daylily are also planted in order to provide the perfect frame for the pond.
The most popular fish species for the garden pond
Since time immemorial, the goldfish are very popular pond inhabitants, which are very undemanding and feel very well even in small ponds. The goldfish are very sociable animals and can enrich a garden pond with their sight.
A subspecies of the goldfish is the Sarasa, which impresses with its fire-red snow-white drawing. For more color in the pond is the shubunkin, which is one of the most popular subspecies of the goldfish. Shubunkin ranges from blue to red-black in a wide variety of color patterns.
If sturgeons are kept in the garden pond, then the pond should have a certain size. However, only a few species are suitable for keeping in the garden pond, such as the Sterlet, which is the smallest of the sturgeon.
Its preferred habitat is the freshwater and it can grow up to a meter long. When Waxdick, also known as diamond sturgeon, hybrids are often offered from breeding, which can still reach a size of 1.4 meters.
In the past, koi has become one of the most popular fish for the garden pond. Also, these fish are referred to as the kings of the garden pond. However, these fish can be really expensive when they are valued at exhibitions.
But there is the koi as well at affordable prices, but it should be remembered that these fish can be with proper care between 30 and 60 years old.

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