Creating and shaping pond edge: 8 tips to imitate

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Creating and shaping pond edge: 8 tips to imitate: imitate

The design of the edge of the pond has a considerable influence on the effect of the garden pond: a pond with flowers at the edge of the pond becomes a dreamy oasis of peace, the pond with Schilfrand brings pure nature into the garden, the formal pond with a straight edge emphasizes modern architecture. How to create your pond edge:

Tip 1

The pond edge not only experiences a certain design, it is also a functional demarcation. Most garden ponds are created with foil, here the water in the riparian zone may not reach over the pond foil, otherwise soon no water will be in the pond. Ponds made of stone or concrete are sometimes also designed with foil that protrudes over the edge and has to be laminated.

Tip 2

At the film pond, the film is thus laid over the edge of the pond. You must first be prevented from sliding into the pond, this is at the edge of the pond created a small increase, over which the film is placed (at the pool pond made of stone or concrete, the edge is usually increased from the outset). So a small bead is built around the pond, which can be made of various materials: In the past, old railway sleepers were often in use, which are now prohibited because of pollutant emissions. Lovers of very straight pond edges can now buy gardwaves from wood. Here, the material must be carefully chosen: Boiler pressure impregnated wood is to let the film age by its evaporation, Bongossi wood is very durable, but not only because of the long transport routes from an environmental point of controversial.

Tip 3

In general, the pond edge but should look natural and rather messy. Some lay small earth walls with the pond excavation, which do not gradually dissolve in the pond only with very good compaction and a considerable amount of clay. The elevation can also be piled up from other materials that are not dissolved by the water. (Break) stones, boulders or gravel, bricks and roots, for example. For example, if the small wall is made of sharp or hard material, such as quarry stones, a soft layer should be applied to the film. Otherwise it could be hurt by pressure against the ground, if z. B. Ice plates when freezing against the foil drive.

Tip 4

Now we have a marginal zone that is higher than the water surface and consists mostly of black foil. This foil should be hidden, it does not look really nice. Shore mats are offered for this purpose. They are laid as strips along the bank so that they extend into the water, on the other side they go down to the earth's surface. It is important in this case that the pond liner behind the shore mat is a few inches vertically in height, otherwise the shore mat on the ground side acts like a wick that pulls the water out of the pond. The shore mat is laid and sludged with some sand. Subsequently, plants or seeds or moss shoots and starter fertilizer can be applied. The sowing must always be done on site. Shore mats offers z. For example, the company Naturagart, for information see According to a similar principle, plastic plant bags that attach to the edge of the pond work. However, shore mats and plant bags are not quite cheap, and more plastic will be added to the pond system, whose material should be inquired beforehand (it could be environmentally harmful PVC). Instead of the beach mats can also lawn carpet be designed, or you sew yourself plant bags made of lawn carpet. Again, it depends on the quality of the material, unsuitable artificial turf could give toxic emissions.

Water lily - dragonfly

Tip 5

The alternative is a cover made of natural material, this probably cheapest pond edge design is well suited for naturally shallow expiring riparian zones. Gravel or plant substrates, possibly clay granules held by a net (fishing net) and mixed with sand and loam. This is followed by planting with suitable plants for the shore area, which also provide for attachment.

Tip 6

You can also place a steel edge on the edge of the pond, as it is used for the turf boundary. Thus, the film then has a clean finish, but the introduction of the steel edge requires careful work, as everywhere the same level must be achieved.

Tip 7

It is also conceivable to plan a concrete wreath during pond construction, which surrounds the pond slightly below the water surface. Then the film can be pulled over the edge, the bank can then be arbitrarily shaped and later easily redesigned. Starting from the concrete, this solution is, so to speak, designed as a second edge of the pond, which runs out more flat and which you shape with plants or gravel.

Tip 8

Pond ponds made of stone or plastic, which protrude over the water, make one see an edge that does not always have to be invisible. Sometimes the stone or concrete edge is a conscious design feature.However, there are also special shore profiles made of aluminum on which the foil can be attached, also by the company Naturagart. Further possibilities: Sawed natural stone blocks are applied, ceramics or simple concrete slabs that cover the foil.

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