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The matching Teichrandbepflanzung provides the appearance of the pond and the garden, the right shore plants reduce the workload in terms of pond and water care. Pond planting should be taken into account during planning and construction.
It is crucial for the appearance, but also for the functioning of the ecosystem in the garden pond.
What kind of pond should it be?
That's a crucial question. Should it be a water lily pond, a koi pond, a natural pool, a swimming pond or something similar? Should it be a finished pool or a foil pond? Is a stream planned, a waterfall, a fountain or water features, lighting and much more? For the different ponds different filters and filter techniques are needed, but also the planting looks different.
Decisive for the Teichrandbepflanzung is the location, the location of the pond, its size, its depth, its different zones and much more.
planting Tips
For a beautiful overall picture you should always plant low plants in the foreground, otherwise they are covered by higher growing. The view of the pond and the water surface should remain free, otherwise you have nothing at all.
In order to achieve a long flowering time of the pond edge plants, one should mix early and late flowering plants, so flowers from spring to fall into something always. The color scheme is also important to the overall picture. Beautiful are grasses and plants with very different leaf shapes and colors.
To prevent the pond margins from overgrowing quickly, you should not plant too densely when planting new plants. That may seem a little bleak at first, but it's getting a bit tighter. In ideal conditions, the plants multiply and enlarge on their own.
The garden pond can be quickly flooded once, e.g. after many rainfalls. So plants that are in this area must be able to cope well with moisture. As well as they have to be able to live with drought. Not all plants can cope with these conditions equally well. Care is important when choosing. For small ponds, you should not use plants that multiply quickly, otherwise you will soon see nothing of the water.
Plants for the bank planting
The riparian zone is a wet zone. Not all plants like that. Grasses are generally very good as pond edge planting. There is a large selection at different heights, this is ideal. Especially easy to care for are cottongrass, marsh and moor rushes. Common hellebore, Iris, Fever clover, Golden ricefly, Fir frond, Day lilies, Rose primrose, Lady's mantle, Funkia, Elven flower, Water-wast, Purple loosestrife, Lady fern, Worm fern, Filled swamp sharply, Yellow-leaved pennywort, Yellow juggler flower, Greater meadowsweet, Autumn gentian, Hanging fancy-headed pines, Jacob's ladder, Cuckoo's Clove, Japan Sedge, Long Leaf Honor, Masterwort, Morningstar Sedge, Pennyweed, Low Snakehead, Low Jacob's Ladder, Pole Mint, Splendor Carnation, Giant Sedge, Honorary Award, Redleaf Gilbird, Red Angelica. Of course, you always have to pay attention to whether the plants prefer sunny or something in the shade. With the moisture, they all come clear.

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