Install the pond bowl - a guide

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Summer is coming and again you are in the garden and want to beautify it. Often, however, the ideas are missing to make the garden fresh and cheerful. Partly it is not done with a new terrace, here has a new idea ago, something unusual, which does not necessarily have every neighbor in the garden.
In short, a pond can have a beneficial effect on body and soul, one more reason to build a small - or even large, depending on the size of the garden itself - pond in the garden. But how do you build a pond without professional and expensive help?
First of all, you have to dig a hole, according to the size in which you have bought the pond bowl. The place for the pond (ie for the hole) should not be covered with trees (deciduous or coniferous trees), also a place should be chosen, which is equally sunny but also shaded.
With the right tool (spade, shovel, sand, etc.), the hole is now created. The pond bowl is then inserted into this hole. It should be remembered that pond shells can have a high weight, so it is advisable not to perform such an action alone, but to have appropriate helping hands.
If you have chosen a tiered pond shell, the hole is to be digged so that the pond shell fits exactly and no gaps arise, these are to be filled with sand. To effectively fill the cavities, the sand should be wet to make it soggy. Around the pond bowl around can now be decorated with topsoil or gravel, on the one hand, to set a nice detail, on the other hand, but also to complete the border of the pond shell. Now the pond bowl is stuck and can be further processed.

Video Board: Aquascape's Spillway Bowl Installation.

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