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Create a magical eye-catcher - A beautifully landscaped garden, with its colorful flowering plants, gets its own individual touch by creating a natural pond landscape. This not only provides a biological habitat for different animals, but also completes the overall picture of your home garden.
The right pond lighting should be thought through carefully, because it contributes a lot to the relaxing ambience of your haven of peace and is an important part of the decoration. Especially on dreary winter days, the warm lights provide a feeling of cosiness.
The three most effective types
There are various methods to make your garden pond strikingly striking. You have the choice between:

  • Underwater Lighting
  • floating lighting
  • Spotlights outside the water
Experts recommend in most cases a combination to achieve the best possible result. Of course, the final implementation is up to you.
Pond lamps allow inexhaustible many design options. There are no limits to your imagination. Lamps that are installed on the edge of the river can irradiate nearby plants (reed grasses) precisely in different colors. This creates a completely new appearance in the viewer. A partially occurring disadvantage is that in lamps with power connection, the connection cables between the individual lamps are very short. This makes them difficult to distribute.
A feeling of peacefulness
The atmospheric lighting by means of lamps below the surface of the water makes the whole pond shine, especially in the evening hours. They create a romantic backdrop and shine, thanks to changing color schemes, in the most beautiful rainbow colors. This gives you the opportunity to observe the fish or underwater decoration on balmy summer nights. With a built-in dimmer, the intensity of the light can be regulated at your own discretion and mood.
However, the installation is quite expensive and should be done better by an experienced professional.
Floating balls, in different sizes and colors, offer you another form of lighting design and are currently very popular. The assembly is easy even for laymen. If you do not like bullets, spotlights can also be used. Enjoy the harmonious interplay of colors and light after a stressful working day. Or celebrate a spontaneous garden party and let your guests participate in the delightful pond lighting. The floating balls placed between the water plants serve at the same time a practical purpose. They prevent insects and mosquitoes from being near your visitors. This allows everyone to enjoy an undisturbed evening in a festive atmosphere.
For several years, LED lamps are becoming increasingly popular. They have a low consumption and are easy to install. Due to their robustness, LEDs are ideal as source stone lighting.
An even cheaper option are solar pond lights. These are charged by solar cells during the day, and give off their light throughout at dawn for free. Especially with constantly rising electricity prices, this is a very lucrative solution that also protects the environment at the same time.
Charming aura
Mystic-looking fog generators house a small lamp and make wafting haze on the water surface dance. They are often attached to granite or ceramic discs. As darkness sets in, they create a mysterious, almost magical atmosphere. In combination with small floating solar lamps, your pond transforms into a never-ending sea of ​​lights
Experienced new experience
Water features, which may consist of fountains, cascades or gargoyles, have an invigorating effect and distract from the everyday noise. The rippling water is very calming. In combination with the appropriate lighting, unique oases of contemplation are created.
The complete range of accessories can be purchased in DIY stores, in the pond trade or in online shops. There you will also receive expert advice and valuable tips. It is important that all components are suitable for use in and on the water to exclude sources of danger.
Turn your garden into a holiday destination and take every free minute you can spend in it.
Underwater lights
Underwater lamps require a greater installation effort, because yes cables must be laid and the lamp must be attached to the pond bottom. But once this work is done, the garden lights up romantically. When the lamps are still properly attached, certain plants are illuminated, their pond has become an art object that any neighbor will envy. The costs range from less than fifty euros to well over one hundred. Lighting objects and lighting design can also be cheap or very expensive in the rest of the garden or in the living area.Here decides the individual taste.


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