Pond liner or pond basin?

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Anyone who has opted for their own garden pond now faces the problem of the material. Should you better build a foil pond or dig in a prefabricated pond? The question is not so easy to answer, because it depends entirely on the size of the pond and the time and effort to invest.
Finished pond pools are very durable and installation can be done quickly. The pit is simply dug in the appropriate size, filled with some sand and then the basin comes into the hollow. Most tanks already have the necessary different planting zones, so you do not have to worry about mooring. However, the size is very limited here. Really large ponds are not feasible, because the shells are quite small. The shape is also predetermined and can not be adapted to the terrain. Although it is theoretically possible to connect several pools, but this is very expensive. In addition, the finished pond are quite expensive. They make sense if you do not have a lot of space for the pond anyway, if you value an already proven ratio of surface, depth and content with pre-fabricated planting zones and would like to have a small pond landscape within a short time. Pond ponds are also useful for very stony terrain and if you beautify the basin you can even put it as a raised bed just on the ground. The finished pond tanks are rarely broken, but if it once a hole or a rift arises, they can not be patched.
Most garden ponds are foil ponds, because the film is significantly cheaper than ready pond basins and you are thus much freer in the design. There are no limits to your own creativity and you can design the different planting zones in terms of size and location as you would like them to be. The depth is also individual. In a difficult underground with many stones, a foil makes sense, because it can be adapted to the difficulties. If you do not continue to excavate at a certain point, you just leave it there a bit flatter, which is not possible with a prefabricated pond. If you want to swim in the pond yourself or if you just want to cool down, you need a foil pond, because there are no ready-made ponds in the required size.
All in all, anyone who wants to build a larger pond to match the conditions of the garden and has a little skill advised to resort to pond liner.

Video Board: Large Pond Liner Install.

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