Pond loses water - capillary barrier can help

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Creating a garden pond is a lot of work. All the better, when everything is done. But what if the pond loses water? Is the pond leaking?

Does your pond lose water?

Even if the garden pond loses a lot of water in a relatively short period of time, it does not necessarily have to be leaking. For example, it can lead to water loss in strong sunlight, so it evaporates. Often, however, the loss of water is also due to the edge formation, which was created incorrectly and is then the cause of the enormous water losses.

Carefully apply the capillary barrier

The contact of water and shore is similar to a wick, because the soil draws the water just as the pool, as well as a wick would do to achieve a balance of liquid. Here can only be remedied if the capillary barrier was sufficiently and carefully created around the pond.

The capillary barrier separates the pond from its surroundings, so that no pond water is withdrawn. For this pond or wooden plates can be used. The pond liner is then attached directly to the plates.

Even if the pond liner has been badly laid, these wrinkles often act like risers, where the water then rises above the water level and thus brings a loss for the pond.

Position pond liner vertically

If the pond liner is positioned vertically, ie a so-called capillary barrier is achieved, then the water loss is again prevented by said wicking.

An alternative to bank training may be that the pond liner is pulled out over the curbs at the edge. So the Uferweg with its covering over the edge of the pond protrudes. And the pond no longer loses water.


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