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So that the garden pond can become a natural biotope and habitat for many animals and microorganisms, pond plants are needed, because they regulate the biotope and provide oxygen in the water. The selection of plants is large, which can be planted in and around the pond. There are special nurseries, which lead predominantly pond plants in the assortment. If you want to get cheap pond plants, the Internet offers a wide range of possibilities. In addition to online shops and various auction platforms, it is possible in forum communities to exchange pond plants for other plants.
In addition to pond plants, it is advisable to lay stones around the garden pond. These not only serve as drainage, but also provide shelter for many animals. In order to provide an ideal habitat for useful animals, selection of plants is not entirely unimportant. Here you will find suggestions and ideas on how to turn your garden pond into a true paradise.

Pond plants - plants in the garden pond - pond: plants

Cut reeds, but when? Instructions + information at the best time

Green reed is often planted because it grows so incredibly fast. In just one gardening season it fills every suitable place. However, sometimes more sprouts sprout than the gardener likes. When may he miss the reed for a short cut?

Pond plants - plants in the garden pond - pond: garden

Juggler Flower - Cultivation and Care - Is she hardy?

Juggler flowers make fun flowers that remind of little faces. Indigenous to the yellow-red range, they are now also blooming in pink or blue. Some species love the moist environment and emphasize their color at the edge of the pond. Some care is enough for them.

Pond plants - plants in the garden pond - pond: pond

Useful underwater plants in the pond - 16 native species

The trend is towards native plants - not a bad idea because they are adapted to local conditions, grow best and are the easiest to care for. This also applies to the underwater plants in the pond, among which the native species also bring the most benefit to the pond.

Pond plants - plants in the garden pond - pond: plants

Sword plant, Echinodorus - care and propagation

Sword plants are among the most popular aquarium plants - in the article you will find out why this has its reason and how you can benefit from the versatile Echinodors.

Root protection fleece for ponds and beds

Pond plants - plants in the garden pond - pond: plants

The pike originally came from the muddy banks of the South American rivers. Its botanical name "Pontederia" got it from the Italian botanist G. Pontedera (1688 to 1757). However, this interesting plant can also be kept in our latitudes under certain conditions, such as in an open-air basin (tub pond) during the summer and in an aquarium during the winter weeks.


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