Pond plants cleaning the pond

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A pond in the garden must be kept clean. It can help pond plants.

Water Iris

A pond in the garden is the wish of many people. Either in small format, to enjoy it visually, or in a big way, to be able to swim in it. If you have a pond, it also has some work to do, because the water must always be kept clean. Good support here pond plantsthat is completely natural clean the pond and the ph value remains stable.
Pond plants - rushes, hedgehogs, water lilies
Particularly suitable are rushes, hedgehogs, water lilies and swamp forget-me-not. The popular reed can also be planted, but you should be careful here, because it can proliferate very quickly, so not suitable for small ponds.

Pond plants against algae
The plants themselves ensure that algae can not multiply, the bacteria that live in the roots, are responsible for the purification of the water. With the use of pond pumps so extensive protection has been created. The water is always clean, clean and great for swimming.

Video Board: Greenfingers - Floating baskets: Using plants to filter your pond.

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