Winterizing the pool - step by step instructions for steel wall pools

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After the pool season is before the pool season! That means, who wants to use his pool in the coming summer, must make it winterized in time.

Winterize the pool

I do not know how you feel about it, but I think that the trend to put a pool in the garden is growing year by year. Especially in rural and arid In the area you can see the private swimming pools mushrooming. Granted, it has something to do when you come from work at 30 degrees and can refresh yourself in the pool. And for families with children is such a pool anyway the purest paradise.

But you should not forget that a pool also does work, except, one has for an inflatable paddling pool decided. Since the season just water and air are drained, the pool folded and already he can be stowed winterized. For larger and more stable pools, it is not so easy, so you should always think well in advance, which pool variety fits one. To avoid bad buys (I know what I'm talking about!), It's best to use a pool configurator, as provided by Neither too big nor too small, he should be and especially visually fit into the (garden) image.

One of the best selling models are steel wall pools. For this reason, I have also decided to make a step by step guide to winterizing for this variant. For pools that are bricked and then lined with foil, the procedure is similar.

Step 1 - Basic cleaning

The best chemistry is to use nothing if you do not remove leaves, insects and limescale in advance. So before it's time to winterize the pool, a basic cleaning is announced. Nettle everything that floats on the water surface and clean the pelvic floor and rim, if necessary with a brush.

Step 2 - Adjust pH and chlorine value

In order to protect the pool from corrosion and limescale deposits in winter, it is extremely important to set the right PH value, instructions can be found on The value should be about 7.0 to about 7.2. The Clorwert must not exceed 0.8 mg per liter. This procedure, which is called "shock chlorination" in specialist circles, is carried out about five days before the pool is to be completely winterized. During the chlorination and a few hours afterwards, the sand filter system remains in operation.

Step 3 - Lower water level

The good news in advance, the pool does not have to be completely emptied during the winter months. As a rule of thumb, about one-third of the amount of water drain. Make sure, however, that the inlet nozzle is provided with a winter plug if the water level is not 10 cm below the skimmer after draining.

Step 4 - Fill in special winter detergent

Your pool is in a hard time during the winter. In order to survive this unscathed, the pool water a special Wintermittel (available in the pool trade) must be added. It prevents algae growth and calcium deposits while the pool is not being used.

Step 5 - Ice pad (not a must but useful)

In order to protect the wall of your pool against frost, pool professionals recommend so-called ice pressure cushions into the water. Depending on the pool size, the cushions are chained together and prevent the ice from pressing onto the pool wall.

Step 6 - Clean up!

The penultimate step is about everyone loose parts winterizing. For this you need space in the Gartenger├Ątehaus or the garage. You should also think about that, if you buy a pool. "Stored" (if available):

  • ladder
  • heat pump
  • Sand filter
  • Jet stream
  • Pool heating (if not frost proof)

Step 7 - Cover the pool

To ensure that your pool is ready for use in the next season, it will be covered with a tear-resistant tarpaulin during the winter months. Make sure that the size of the tarpaulin fits the pool, so it's about 60 to 80 cm bigger than the pool size. Secure the pool cover sufficiently to withstand strong wind and rain.

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