Poppy seeds: recognize and combat diseases and pests

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Although poppies are very robust and resilient, they are not always immune to diseases and pests. Especially aphids can strongly add to the plant. Now fast help is needed.

Poppy Seed: To detect and combat pests and diseases

Hotly loved plants protect gardeners like their own eyeballs. But that's not always a guarantee that the plant will not sooner or later be attacked by pests. Poppies are rare, because the plant is very robust and resistant. But it can happen. Especially aphids and the poppy fire are special diseases that can greatly affect the poppy.

However, anyone who quickly discovers the infestation and intervenes swiftly can save his plant.

Poppy: The most common pests and diseases


Aphids camouflage well and can only be recognized by a close look. Often you will not discover the infestation until the leaves curl up. Under the leaves gather numerous aphids, which add the poppy plant properly. The shoots wither, the plant does not grow any further, the flower splendor suffers.

✛ fight:

For aphids, spraying helps with homemade nettle.

Not biologically, but very successful is spraying with a soft soap solution. The plant and the soil do not harm the soap solution. Put one tablespoon of soft soap into 500 milliliters of hot water. When the soap has dissolved, add 500 milliliters of cold water and one tablespoon of methylated spirits. Put the finished solution in a squeeze bottle and spray the poppy plants regularly, preferably in the evening, once or twice a week until the aphids have disappeared.

In a garden with balanced planting, beneficial insects often feed on themselves, which feed on aphids. Ladybirds, lacewings and gall mites are natural lice enemies.

Poppy Brand:

Poppy fire is a bacterial disease that spreads especially with prolonged moisture. The external signs are transparent spots on the leaves, which later turn brown.

✛ combat:

Protection from moisture "from above" is often difficult at home latitudes. But you can ensure with a sufficiently large distance between the individual plants that the poppies dry after a rainstorm at least quickly. Affected plants must be completely removed and destroyed so that the poppy fire does not spread further.

Wrong mildew

The downy mildew is caused by a fungus. On the underside of the leaves you will see a whitish-gray coating that feels velvety. The top of the leaves gets yellow and brown spots, which can also extend to the stems.

✛ combat:

To prevent it serve strengthening extracts of horsetail or garlic broth. The infestation can only be fought with fungicides.

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