Popular tile colors and tile coatings

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Popular tile colors and tile coatings

Tile paints or tile coatings are popular because they allow a transformation of tiled rooms without modification. When working with all tile coatings, however, a good result can only be expected with careful use.
Also, all safety instructions should be followed, since the tile coatings usually contain not only harmful ingredients, but also develop very unpleasant odors. Not only for allergy sufferers, it is advantageous to avoid the inhalation of vapors.
Tile paint and tile coatings as a two-component system
Often epoxy resin paints are used as two-component systems of paint and hardener for the design of tiles. They are offered in the hardware store as finished tile paint sets, complete with cleaning agent, primer, paint, hardener, rollers and other accessories. You can also get the necessary components individually in the painter's supplies, which can be cheaper, but requires good advice.
  • Commonly used tile coatings with two components include the solvent-free two-component system of Westfalia, which is available in different bright tones. It costs about 90 euros for 7 square meters of tiles.

  • Also molto offers a tile-varnishing system, in professional set with two-component varnish, brush, foam roller, swab, descaler, cleaner, dust cloth and four sheets of sandpaper in two grits. It costs around 90, - Euro for 10 square meters of tiles. This painting system Molto Perfect is available only in white, for the design of colored tiles, there is the Molto Creativ tile-painting system, in which the
    Lacquer is mixed with a tinting concentrate, which is available in various bright colors to buy. Depending on the desired color, one to two bottles of tinting concentrate with an individual price of € 5.00 per 10 square meters of tiles are required.

  • From the magazine BEAUTIFUL LIVING comes a tile renovation kit in three shades that contains a ready-to-use alcohol-based cleaner, ready-to-use primer and twice 750 ml of UV and yellowing fast-drying tile varnish. There are also two 375 ml UV-resistant, highly durable transparent tile sealant
    in satin or glossy. The set is enough for 15 square meters of tiles and costs around 150, - Euro.
Tile paint and tile coatings as one-component system
Also Glasurit offers a tile varnish, which can give a different look to the bathroom and kitchen in different bright colors. The synthetic resin-based tile varnish does not need to be touched, but can be spread directly out of the paint can. The can of 0.75 liters is enough for 9 square meters and costs about 12, - Euro, cleaner, primer and other accessories must be purchased separately.
Also from other manufacturers there is one-component paint, which can also be used for tiles. You get these paints in the painting supplies or in the hardware store, the respective required accessories can be purchased here with the same. The one-component systems offer significant advantages in processing because they can be directly extinguished without stirring. However, they should not cure as hard as two-component systems. Users who passed the paint were still satisfied. It certainly depends on whether it is heavily contaminated rooms such as the family bathroom, where the offspring could make any scratches in the wall with all sorts of devices. Or whether only a guest bathroom should be beautified, where the burden is much lower.
In addition to tile color and tile varnish, there are various other ways to give the tiles in the bathroom or kitchen a new look:
  • the coating with liquid plastic,
  • a spatula system that can be applied directly to old tiles
  • or tiles from the roll (a waterproof film that is similar to a classic wallpaper applied to the tile wall)
In all the possibilities described above, it should be noted that the transformation is intended for "eternity". If the tiles are to be embellished in a rental property, so when extracting the bathroom must look exactly the same as when moving in, can
Decorative elements and decorative tiles are used, which can be removed without residue.

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