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Fence winds and wisteria are popular climbing plants for pergolas

Growth strength and final growth height are extremely important
  • Braid wire between the bows provides extra support
  • Include soil conditions and climatic conditions in the selection
  • plant selection
    The climbing plants have a large selection, which can be perfectly adapted to the existing site conditions and personal wishes. A long-established tradition in the selection ofRank plants have the climbing roses, which were already used during the Italian Renaissance and in Baroque gardens for the embellishment of the arcades. The following plant varieties are particularly well suited for the planting of a pergola:
    climbing plants
    • Blue rain and golden shower, growth length: 6-10 m, lush and beautiful flowers
    • Ivy, growth length: 5-20 m, evergreen canopy
    • Honeysuckle, growth length: 3-6 m, evergreen with fragrant flowers
    • Jasmine, growth length: 6-10 m, white flowers with an intense scent
    • Climbing hydrangea, growth length: 6-10 m, sweet fragrant flowers
    • Pipe winds, growth length: 6-10 m, very large leaves for dense vegetation
    • Schlingknöterich, growth length: 8-15 m, particularly strong growth
    • Clematis, growth length: 6-8 m, attractive flowers
    • Wild vine, growth length: 6-8 m, extremely large leaves with a distinctive autumn color
    • Wild wine, growth length: 8-15 m, fire-red autumn color of the leaves
    • Ornamental onion, growth length: up to 2 m, purple flowers
    climbing roses
    • American Pillar, growth length: 4-5 m, carmine pink flowers
    • Bantry Bay, growth length: up to 3 m, pink flowers with a strong scent
    • Francois Juranville, growth length: 5-6 m, salmon pink flowers
    • Goldfinch, growth length: 3-4 m, golden yellow flowers
    • Ilse Krohn Superior, growth length: 2-3 m, white flowers
    • New Dawn, growth length: 3-4 m, pink flowers
    • Paul's Scarlet Climber, Growth length: 3-4 m, red flowers
    • Rosarium Uetersen, growth length: 2-3 m, dark pink flowers
    • Super Dorothy, growth length: up to 3 m, pink flowers
    • Paul's Himalayan Musk, growth length: 2-3 m, white flowers with an intense scent
    Tip: A delicious alternative to conventional climbing plants is the trellis fruit, which can be harvested for consumption. There is a choice of espalier fruit: apple, apricot, pear, blackberry, fig, kiwi, apricot, peach, quince and sour cherry.
    deciduous cross
    In a spacious arcade can create a corner of the cross, on which can be a nice place to stay. However, if the arcade is limited in length, this element is not possible in most cases. In this case, there may be some latitude in the width of the corridor for the use of a residence. The following aspects are important for the installation of a Dormer Cross:
    • As a rule, the arbor cross is created in the center of the arcade
    • Gang opens to a quiet and shady recreation area
    • can be designed as a seat with garden furniture
    • possible is also a fountain
    Conclusion of the editorship
    An arcade creates a unique and romantic ambience in the garden, with sufficient space this can even lead around the corner or enchanted as a tour. Aparte climbing plants find a sufficient support on the device and with time forms a flowering and shady canopy. You can choose from ready-to-use systems from specialist retailers, but you can also build a porch with a background in craftsmanship yourself. In this way, the gear can be adapted to individual requirements and it can be designed targeted ways and alignments.

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