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Potatoes are especially popular in Germany as a side dish to many dishes. Whether as a boiled or boiled potatoes, or in the form of fries, dumplings, potato fritters, purée or croquettes, they are a culinary delight for young and old. But are they really healthy? Here are 4 important facts.

Potatoes healthy

Potatoes are delicious, but are they healthy too? As with all vegetables, most of the ingredients can be lost during preparation. Therefore, it is clear that they are a healthy side dish, especially as gently cooked pellets or boiled potatoes.

Are they processed as fries, croquettes or potato pancakes, they are of course very fatty. Although the potato is fattened as a fattening, it is an indispensable staple food due to the various ingredients. In addition to the very good ingredients, the potato can even serve well as a remedy.

4 interesting facts about potatoes

1. The ingredients of the potato

First and foremost, potatoes consist of water, almost 80 percent. This makes them well digestible and even with very conscious nutrition to a suitable supplement. In addition, they are rich in starch, contain various minerals and vitamins.

The approximately 16 percent starch is available to the body as carbohydrates, by the action of heat during cooking, these become digestible for the human body. With only about two percent protein, the proportion is very low, but for these two percent can score fully. These are essential amino acids that are vital to our body. The amino acids contained in the potato are extremely high quality. The potato is thus among the plants the supplier with the largest amount of human-utilizable protein.

In addition, the potato contains about one percent of minerals, including, for example, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. The minerals our organism needs for many metabolic processes and cell renewal, he can not produce them.

The proportion of fiber varies between one and two percent, they provide a good feeling of fullness, because the gastrointestinal tract is busy for a long time with the digestion. Consuming the potatoes together with the shell, the function of the digestive system is promoted. Potatoes are as good as fat-free in their original form, which is why they are also well suited for figure-conscious people.

What many do not even know is that the potato is particularly rich in vitamin C. In addition, the tubers contain vitamins B1, B2 and B6, vitamin K as well as niacin and pantothenic acid. These vitamins support the function of the metabolism, strengthen the body's defenses and benefit hair, skin and nails.

2. The benefit to our health

If you look at the ingredients of the potato, you can be sure that it is a very healthy food. The potatoes have a relatively low calorie content. The high vitamin C content makes it a helper for our immune system, especially during the cold season.

The protein contained in the tubers is biologically so high that even vegetarians can profit from it wonderfully. The potato is particularly rich in potassium, which can not only regulate blood pressure, but also help with the drainage of the body.

Magnesium is equally important for the nerves and the muscles because it relaxes the muscles and prevents cramps. Thus, the potato is also good for the nutrition of athletes.

We need the vitamin K for better wound healing. The B vitamins not only strengthen our nerves but also stimulate the metabolism at the same time.

3. Prepare potatoes healthy

Most of the vitamins and minerals in the potato are directly under the skin. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare and eat them as often as possible along with the shell. Boiled potatoes are therefore the healthiest variant of the vegetables. Prior to preparation, any existing green spots and the so-called eyes must be completely removed because they contain toxins called alkaloids. Even better than cooking in water is the preparation with steam, while preserving most of the valuable ingredients. (Reading tip: steaming potatoes - how it's done right!)

4. The potato as a home remedy

Not only by eating the vegetables, we can benefit health. Even as a home remedy, the tuber can accomplish so much. Potatoes are especially helpful in the following health conditions:

  • eczema
  • gastritis
  • heartburn
  • enteritis
  • sore throat
  • insect bites

Sore throat
Potato wraps can help with sore throats. To do this, boil four potatoes and the shell very soft and tilt the water away.The jacket potatoes are then crushed with a fork and placed on a clean kitchen towel. The kitchen towel filled with the warm mass is then whipped around the neck and fixed with a cloth or scarf. You can let the wrap work for an hour.

Squeeze the juice from raw potatoes and drink a glass of it in the morning and in the evening, you can relieve heartburn.

to cough
Hot potato water mixed with a little honey, releases cough and mucus.

Eczema and stings
Potato flour from the health food store can be sprinkled like a powder on itchy eczema or dabbed with a cotton pad. If you have been stung by an insect, rub over the prick with a freshly sliced ​​raw potato.

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