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Are potatoes healthy? All information about calories, carbohydrates & co: information

Low-fat healthy snack or carbohydrate-rich fattening? The potato polarizes. The image of our favorite side dish has been without blame for decades. No wonder: the starchy tuber provides only little fat, but plenty of healthy ingredients. However, with the low carb trend, the good reputation of the potato has suffered considerable damage in recent years. Consumers are therefore increasingly unsettled: Is the potato healthy and recommended - or just a classic fattening?

Nutrition facts at a glance

The potato is generally edible only when cooked - regardless of whether it is cooked, roasted or baked. Prepared without additional ingredients, 100g of the starchy vegetables provide the following nutritional values:
  • 70 calories
  • 16g carbohydrates
  • 2g protein
  • 0.1g fat
  • 78g of water
  • 2,1gBallaststoffe
The potato takes an intermediate position between vegetables and starch supplement; On the one hand, it is often combined with different types of vegetables, on the other hand, it replaces other starchy foods such as rice or pasta. While the tubers can be regarded as classic vegetables quite as high in calories - other varieties deliver on average only half as many calories - they provide as a starch supplement less energy than for example rice or pasta.
The potato is not one of the protein-rich vegetables - but the proteins it contains are especially valuable; so they can easily be converted into the body's own proteins. At the same time, it is a very low-fat food with a total of 0.1 g fat. Most calories come from carbohydrates, which are composed of different components:
  • Strength: 15g
  • Sucrose (table sugar): 0,3g
  • Glucose (glucose): 0,24g
  • Fructose (fructose): 0.17g
The small amount of sugar combined with a lot of starch makes it clear why the potato is considered healthy. However, the starch molecules are rapidly degraded after consumption to sugar molecules, so that the blood sugar level nevertheless rises rapidly.

Healthy tuber: micronutrients in the potato

In addition, potatoes contain valuable micronutrients, ie vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Especially B vitamins are present, but also iron. The mineral potassium is especially high - here the potato gives 420mg per 100g.
Until a few years ago, the potato was also an important vitamin C donor - especially in winter, if one could resort to stored vegetables. The valuable vitamin strengthens the entire immune system and protects against, for example, colds and inflammation.
Last but not least, potatoes contain so-called secondary phytonutrients, especially:
  • flavonoids
  • anthocyanins
  • Carotionoide

potato harvest

Above all, these substances can prevent cardiovascular diseases and fight bacteria, viruses and fungi. They also help lower cholesterol levels and fight inflammation. Also different immune reactions of the body are positively influenced by the secondary plant substances in the potato.
Tip: The content of these valuable ingredients varies depending on the preparation. Strong cooking without a shell drastically reduces the proportion of these substances.

Lose weight with the potato

Those who want to lose weight as part of a low-carbohydrate diet should generally limit the consumption of potatoes; The tuber is one of the strongest vegetables. However, if you want to choose a suitable starch supplement, you should go for potatoes, which provide much less carbohydrates than pasta and rice - but for much more healthy ingredients.
But if you want to lose weight with the help of a reduced-fat diet, you should often enjoy potatoes - preferably as boiled potatoes. The healthy tubers develop a lasting satiating effect in combination with:
  • Cauliflower or broccoli
  • Cabbage, for example cabbage or savoy cabbage
  • turnips

The blood sugar in view

As part of a healthy diet, attention to blood sugar often plays a role; Thus, people who want to lose weight avoid the sudden and rapid increase of glucose in the blood, because hunger is the result. Diabetics, on the other hand, are forced to avoid blood sugar due to their illness. In both cases, the potato has come into disrepute in recent years as it causes the level of glucose to rise sharply. Although the healthy tuber contains only a small amount of free sugar - the starch in the potato is rapidly degraded after consumption to glucose molecules, which then enter the blood.
But to completely remove the vegetables for this reason from the diet is too short: With some tricks, blood sugar spikes can be reduced after eating potatoes. The tubers contain certain quantities of so-called resistant starch, depending on the variety and the type of preparation. This type of starch offers the following advantages:
  • can not be digested in the small intestine
  • therefore serves as a food in the large intestine of the intestinal flora
  • is split up more slowly
  • does not increase blood sugar
Tip: The higher the proportion of resistant starch in the potato, the less the blood sugar level is loaded.
In order to increase the proportion of resistant starch, especially firm-cooking varieties such as Nicola or Sieglinde should be chosen. Mehligkochende potatoes such as Agusta or Adretta, on the other hand, increase blood sugar and hunger. But also in the way of preparation it is possible to increase the proportion of resistant starch; Those who prepare potatoes as boiled potatoes, then let cool completely and then consumed, also takes on more of the cheap strength. Another possibility is to prepare the healthy tuber as a fried potato; However, due to the high amount of fat, this option is not recommended for people who want to lose weight.

It depends on the preparation

Proper preparation of the potato not only plays an important role in relation to the content of resistant starch; Also, the total calorie content varies depending on which dish is made from the vegetables. Favorable are the following variants:
  • Salt potatoes
  • baked potatoes
  • mashed potatoes
For example, boiled potatoes or baked potatoes only provide around 70 calories per 100g, while fried potatoes or fries are three times as high. A new method of low-calorie french fries preparation is the Hei├čluftfritteuse dar. Caution: potato mash is only low in calories, if it is dispensed with a preparation with cream and butter.

potato plant

Does the total calorie content plays a minor role and the health aspect in the foreground, particularly gentle preparation methods should be selected; then all valuable vitamins and minerals remain in the potato. Especially vitamin C is lost quickly on incorrect storage and preparation - about 15% for the following preparation:
  • Cook
  • stew
  • pressure cooking
In order to preserve all ingredients, it has been proven to cook the potato gently with a bowl.

Health hazard alkaloids

Potatoes contain not only healthy ingredients, but also the poisonous solanine - easily recognized by the green color. The harmful ingredient is formed primarily under the following conditions:
  • Pest infestation of the potato plant
  • strong incidence of light during growth
  • mechanical injuries
  • Storage at high temperatures
The Solanin is mainly in the shell, but also the uncooked tuber contains this substance; For this reason, the potato is edible only when cooked.
Note: The first signs of solanin intoxication occur in adults after eating about 3 kg of raw potatoes.
In order to keep the solanine content as low as possible, the following information should be considered:
  • Store the potatoes in a cool and dark place
  • generous removal of green spots
  • Prefer of big potatoes (less peel)
The potato can not be generally called a fattening or healthy snack; it all depends on the purpose for which the versatile tuber is to be used. However, the potato offers classic pleasure in every case.

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