Freezing potatoes - is this possible?

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A big potato harvest can not be processed immediately. In addition to the normal storage, many hobby gardeners and cooks ask if you can freeze potatoes. We tell you.

Freeze potatoes

After the potato harvest you can store potatoes for several weeks and even a few months. So after a rich harvest, you do not have to worry about the potatoes pounding away. It is only important that you store the tubers optimally. (Reading tip: storing potatoes - 5 tips for proper storage)

In the kitchen, too, the question often arises as to whether one can simply freeze leftover potatoes. After all, it is a pity to simply throw the remaining potatoes from lunchtime into the trash or put them to the pet. Even if this is certainly happy. What happens to the potatoes now?

Freeze potatoes: yes or no?

Do not freeze raw potatoes

If you really want to freeze potatoes, then you should not do so in the raw state. The tubers contain a lot of starch and under the influence of cold it is converted into sugar. The potatoes get a very sweet taste that only a few people like. Health wise, this is not questionable, but then they simply no longer have the typical taste of a potato.

Another reason that speaks against the freezing of raw potatoes, the change in cell structure during freezing. If you thaw the potatoes later for processing, they are glassy and quickly become mushy. Fries and croquettes are also frozen in the raw state, but this is a so-called shock-freezing, which requires special equipment. With a freezer like we have at home, this form of freezing is not possible.

Freeze potatoes only in an emergency

Basically, one can say that potatoes are not just among the vegetables that are wonderfully suitable for freezing. You must store them in the freezer and then in any case only after cooking.

Here, the tubers are peeled and then cooked, but not too soft. Now you have to let it cool down completely. Only then cut the potatoes into slices or pieces and fill in a freezer bag or container.

Mashed potatoes are not well suited for storage in the freezer, because the taste and texture can change significantly. They get the purée with a little oil again, but it does not taste as good as in the freshly prepared state.

" Tip: The frozen potatoes can be used to make gratins, casseroles or soups.

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