Drying potatoes - 3 variants presented

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Many vegetables can be preserved for longer by drying. You can find out which options are available for potatoes here.

Dry potatoes

There are many ways to make vegetables last longer. One of them is drying. Basically, almost every type of vegetable is suitable for drying.

The good thing about drying is that most foods retain their valuable ingredients. But they have to be blanched beforehand. This is also important to extend the shelf life and preserve the taste.

Blanch potatoes
When blanching the potatoes are only briefly heated in steam. You can also brew it briefly with boiling water. After that, you must immediately scald them with cold water, as this is the only way to maintain nutrients and the color of the tubers.

Further preparation
You can use potatoes after drying later, for example, for the preparation of soups or you can process them into fried potatoes.

3 ways to dry

Drying in the air / in the sun

The easiest way to dry your potatoes is to put them in the sun or in the fresh air. You only need to catch a period of sunshine and temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees in summer.

The humidity should also be nice and low. Theoretically, you can also dry the potatoes in a dry and airy place in the house, it takes just longer accordingly.


  • First wash the potatoes and cut them into thin slices. Then you must blanch in hot steam until they take on a clear color.
  • Then quickly quench the potato slices under cold water and dry. Now they are ready to dry.
  • Now spread the slices on a grid. Make sure that they are not too close together.
  • Then you come in the suns. Here you should store but slightly elevated, so that the air can circulate underneath. To prevent insects from getting to the vegetables, it is best to cover the potato slices with a fly screen.
  • During the drying process you should turn the potato slices more frequently. If the humidity outside is too high or rain threatening, simply bring the vegetables into the house.

Dry the potatoes in the oven

When drying the potatoes in the oven you are completely independent of the weather, so this is preferable.


  • The prepared potato slices (see above) are spread on a wire rack and pushed into the oven preheated to 50 to 60 degrees. Of course, several grids can be placed in the oven at the same time.
  • In this variant too, care must be taken that the potatoes are not too close to each other. The oven should be left ajar during drying so that moisture can be removed.
  • To keep the potato slices drying well, you should turn them about every two hours. If several gratings are in the oven, they are also layered on this occasion.
  • The potatoes are ready when they have a leathery consistency. If you want to store the tubers as long as possible, they must be so dry that they break apart.

Dry potatoes in the Dehydrator

Especially convenient is the drying of vegetables in the dehydrator. In addition, it is also much cheaper because the energy consumption is lower than when drying in the oven. Important is a device where you can regulate the heat by means of a thermostat. It is also important to ensure good insulation and easy access to the gratings.

Storage of dried potatoes

The dried potatoes are best stored in an air-permeable container that you can close tightly. They should be dried long enough to prevent moisture from precipitating in this container.

The dried foods should always be stored in a dry, cool and dark place, then hold for up to 12 months.

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