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Farm Hydrangea, Hydrangea macrophylla - care and cutting

With its attractive, ball-shaped flower umbels in white, pink, purple, red or blue, the farmer's hydrangea is one of the most decorative garden plants. Here's what you need to know about the farmer's hydrangea so it can flourish and flourish in your yard.

Potted plants & balcony flowers: flowers

Dipladenia 'Sundaville red' - care of the Mandevilla as a houseplant

With its bright red, trumpet-shaped flowers is the Dipladenia 'Sundaville red' - which is a hybrid of the tropical Mandeville or Mandevilla - a beautiful eye-catcher on the balcony or terrace. However, the climbing plant can also be easily maintained in the living room.

Potted plants & balcony flowers: plants

Bougainvillea in the garden - Instructions for planting + care tips

Even the sonorous name suggests something special: Bougainvillea, like also called triple flower. With a sea of ​​flowers, from white to violet, it brings Mediterranean summer feeling in our gardens. The better the care, the more she unfolds her splendor of color.

Potted plants & balcony flowers: balcony

Maintain the trumpet tree properly - planting and cutting

The ordinary trumpet tree impresses with its impressive appearance and is a true eye candy. Because with proper care, he decorates the local gardens not only with its white flowers, but also with its extravagant fruits.

Potted plants & balcony flowers: flowers

Hydrangea Annabelle: Care and cutting of the snowball hydrangea

The robust Hydrangea Annabelle is one of the most popular of its kind, because it is both large-flowered and extremely flowering. In addition, the decorative plantlet can not only be cultivated in the garden, because it also thrives in pots or pots.

Potted plants & balcony flowers: balcony

Kaffir Lime, Kaffir Lime, Citrus Hystrix - Nursing Guide

The kaffir lime originating from Southeast Asia is not as well known in the local latitudes. In their homeland, however, it is cultivated as a ornamental and as a crop. Due to their origin from very warm climates, the kaffir lime is usually a houseplant.

Potted plants & balcony flowers: flowers

Hibiscus Newbiscus XXL - Care of the giant hibiscus

With five large petals in numerous colors, the hibiscus Newbiscus XXL presents itself to the eyes of avid gardeners. In order to make the marshmallow bloom in all its splendor, the care of the tropical plant depends especially on the water supply.

Potted plants & balcony flowers: flowers

Outdoor fuchsias: 4 hardy fuchsias for field and tub

Fuchsias have been enchanting for ages with their colorful floral decoration. All fuchsias love warmth and fortunately many varieties tolerate the cold. A place in the garden is enough, the winter quarters are superfluous. This is convenient and less work.

Potted plants & balcony flowers: plants

Lilies in the pot - the most important thing to care for as a houseplant

In the tub or in the pot, lilies can be wonderfully cultivated in the apartment. It does not necessarily need a garden. If you want to get some exoticism into your own four walls, this plant is always the right place for you.

Potted plants & balcony flowers: balcony

Hardy potted plants in the shade - plants for the front door

Finding suitable plants for the front door or even shady balconies and terraces does not seem easy at first. After all, green plants need light to live on. It is even more difficult if the potted plants are to be hardy. We show a suitable selection.

Potted plants & balcony flowers: balcony

Pomegranate tree care from A to Z + so overwinter the pomegranate

Frosty temperatures can not stand a pomegranate tree. This is the most important, but by no means the only aspect of professional cultivation of the legendary fruit tree of the Mediterranean. This guide highlights the care of A-Z and explains how to successfully overwinter the pomegranate.

Potted plants & balcony flowers: balcony

Potted Plants: 26 popular flowering & hardy varieties

Every hobby gardener feels like being in a mini-oasis of colorful flowers when he relaxes on his balcony in the middle of his potted plants in summer. And in order to be able to enjoy a flowerbed in the mini garden in the next year, it is worthwhile resorting to hardy varieties when designing the terrace. Then it's time to look carefully when buying balcony plants!

Potted plants & balcony flowers: plants

Lime tree: so cultivate and overwinter the lime properly

The evergreen lime tree is a noble and exotic guest at home. Its fine citrus fragrance evokes memories of the sunny south. But the lime loves warm climate and makes demands on the care. In order for it to thrive, some care rules must be observed.

How high are hydrangeas? Information on sizes and growth per year

Bornholm Marguerite - Dimorphotheca ecklonis

With colorful flower disks, the Bornholm marguerite turns your summer garden into a picturesque oasis of well-being, surrounded by busy butterflies.So that the fragrant flowers last until the first frost, the South African beauty should not be left to the left. Read here how to properly care for the special Kapkörbchen. Since so much floral power is too good for the one-year care, we give tips for the right winter.

Mandevilla - care, propagation and wintering

Dipladenia - Mandevilla - Sundaville

Mandevilla - Nurturing, multiplying and wintering A Mandevilla belongs to the family of the dogbane family and still has about 110 variants in this genus. One of the best known of these relatives is the Dipladenia. The Mandevilla can be cultivated as a houseplant, it is also considered a garden plant or a terraced plant.

Gentian tree - plants, care and wintering

Gentian tree - Solanum rantonnetii

The gentian tree has many names and is also called by plant lovers Blue Potato Shrub, Potato Tree or Blue Nightshade. Even the botanical name Solanum rantonnetii was on Lycianthes rantonnetii changed. What remains is the magnificent flowering plant with its flowers, which are clearly reminiscent of gentian (see picture).

Hydrangeas - the new drugs for smoking?


Evergreen potted plants as a privacy Most people want to protect their personal freedom and thus create a privacy. This also applies to the balcony, the terrace or the garden. In the garden area shrubs can be planted, which represent the natural hedge to the neighbor and therefore represent a privacy.

Repot potted plants properly - instructions

Repot potted plants properly - instructions

Potted plants decorate the terrace or the balcony in the first place and convey a natural and Mediterranean ambience, especially in summer. Depending on their requirements, these plants need the appropriate care and attention, which also means that they can grow in a suitable pot.

Hanging and standing balcony plants

Million-bells - magic bells - Calibrachoa

The Magic Bells or Million Bells is an enchanting beauty that can be a highlight on the balcony or in the garden with countless flowers. Available in different colors and even mixed versions, it offers great variety with low demands at the same time. Nevertheless, a lot of attention must be paid to the full bloom.

Fuchsias multiply - seeds and cuttings

Spider flower - Cleome spinosa

Only the long stamens of the spider flower (Cleome spinosa), which is also called spider plant, gave her the name. They are reminiscent of the long thin legs of a spider, the rest of the flower looks beautiful and colorful. Not without reason, the spider flower named "Fesche Fanny" was awarded the Bavarian Balcony Plant of the Year in 2008.

Leadwort (Plumbago auriculata) - Care, hardy, wintering

Leadwort - Plumbago auriculata

The leadwort Ceratostigma plumbaginoides is often confused with the climbing vine growing leadwort. The one described here is a ground cover that does not come from Africa but from Asia. The location for the Chinese plumbago should be full sun to partial shade. He likes a warm cookie. Since the branches break off easily, a sheltered place is recommended.


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