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Umbrella bamboo - care and pruning

The umbrella bamboo includes about 90 different species and is one of the largest bamboo genus ever. In earlier years, the umbrella bamboo was still predominantly native to East Asia, until it found its way into the German gardens. Read more about the Schirmbambus and its care here.

Potted plants - care: care

Tangerine tree - care, cutting and wintering

Mandarins belong to the citrus fruits and the mandarin tree is a member of the family of the rhododendrons. Read all about the location and care of the Madarine here.

Potted plants - care: plant

Evergreen winter hardy potted plants

Even in winter, you like it when the balcony and on the terrace is something, which provides a little color. Evergreen, hardy potted plants delight us with their rich green color even on gray winter days. Find out everything here.

Potted plants - care: plants

Garteneibisch / hibiscus does not bloom - causes + special care

If the garden marshmallow - better known as hibiscus - does not flower, it can have different reasons. With a little causal research and special care, the problem can usually be solved. What is important, we reveal here.

Potted plants - care: plants

Oleander tips: care, cutting and wintering

The oleander (Latin nerium oleander) belongs to the plant group of the dog poisonous plants and is an evergreen plant whose leaves are poisonous and have flowers, twigs and roots. Read all about the plant and its care here.

Potted plants - care: potted

Baobab tree as a houseplant - cultivation and care

The baobab tree is trend-setting: the houseplant for classic Africa style and cool all-global ambience, with a maximum age of a few thousand years "sustainable in plant form" and yet almost as easy to maintain as the forgotten cactus in the office. In the article you will learn everything about the cultivation and care of the interesting and still very rare houseplant.

Potted plants - care: care

Seed sequoia from seed - cultivation and care

Would you like to have one of the oldest trees in the world in your garden? If your garden is reasonably generous, that's possible; The article will tell you how to pick the right sequoia and how to grow and care for it.

Potted plants - care: care

Grow mango trees - this is how to grow and maintain the plant properly

A beautiful growth form, long, elegant leaves, the first salmon-colored, later dark green shining, that distinguishes the mango tree. The fruit tree originating from the tropics and subtropics, botanical Mangifera indica, is not as demanding as a container plant in the care. Especially the own cultivation of a mango core is an exciting task for every plant lover.

Potted plants - care: plants

Bougainvillea does not bloom - so triples flowers bloom permanently

The home of the bougainvillea or triple flower is located in subtropical Brazil. Here it is warm and sunny all year round, ideal conditions for the extremely light-hungry plant. Unfortunately, the magical plant is not easy to care for, which is why the lavish flowers can fail for many reasons.

Potted plants - care: plants

Agapanthus does not bloom - that's how lilacs bring new flowers

The Agapanthus is considered a very noble and magnificent plant. Dumb only if he does not like to bloom. The reasons for this can be very diverse, but mostly have to do with the location and the care. What really matters is here.

Potted plants - care: potted

Hydrangea Endless Summer® - care, location, cutting, pruning

Hydrangeas are old, traditional farmer garden plants. But there are a number of new breeds, including the Endless Summer®. It also impresses with its compact growth.

Lemon tree - care, diseases, cutting


The kangaroo paw (botanical Anigozanthos) is the name of the program: The flowers of the beautiful plant rarity are reminiscent of the paws of a kangaroo by their shape. All the more fitting that the original home of the exotic shrub is in Australia, more specifically in the southwest of the continent. Learn what to consider and do in terms of care. You will also get hints on how to multiply the kangaroo plant.

Diseases on the oleander - recognize and treat successfully


Although the oleander is a relatively robust plant, it can quickly fall ill in case of wrong site conditions and improper care. The plant is mainly susceptible to bacteria and fungal diseases. The faster the disease or infestation is recognized, the more promising the chances of recovery. It is important to initiate the right measures to combat it at an early stage.

Citrus tree care from A-Z for healthy citrus trees - Instructions

Orange tree - Citrus sinensis

Orange trees can be seen in this country relatively rare, which does not detract from the popularity of these exotics.These plants are very decorative, especially their delicately fragrant, white flowers, from which develop ideally beautiful fruits. Together with the shiny green foliage they are a real eye-catcher on the terrace and balcony.

Hydrangea Endless Summer® - location, care and cutting

Hydrangea - Endless summer

The hydrangea Endless Summer® fulfills the long-awaited wish of many hobby gardeners for several times flowering farm hydrangeas. The new breed is suitable for beginners, very frost hardy and blooms throughout the summer until October on old and new shoots. Learn more about location, care and cutting measures for this beautiful hydrangea.


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