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A good part of the well-known shrubs, perennials and woody plants can also be considered a container plant. However, there are different conditions in the tub than in the ground: The space for the roots is limited. Ü Water and fertilizer supply must be adjusted to the confined space.
Watering is the be-all and end-all of potted plants - it's easy to check how moist the plant is with your finger - most of them do not tolerate a dry root ball. Do not be fooled by the constant rain: plants that are particularly dense or standing under canopies will hardly get rid of the raindrops. But waterlogging should also be avoided: care should be taken to ensure good and, above all, adequate drainage. It is suitable clay or pottery shards, large pebbles and smaller stones, so that a good water extraction is guaranteed.
Most potted plants are fertilized regularly, albeit restrained. If you do not want to bother to treat each plant with a special fertilizer, a standard flowering plant or green plant fertilizer is suitable for potted plants, but with the highest possible guano content. Long-term fertilizer is less recommended for potted plants, even if they are perennial. By constantly fertilizing, they remain flexible - mistakes can be easily corrected.

Potted plants cutting / cutting

Pruning in the spring before flowering is good for most perennial potted plants. However, they must all be treated differently. Rose trees, for example, tolerate a vigorous stump cut, while rhododendrons prefer a more moderate cut.
Especially with perennial plants care should be taken that a high-quality substrate is used. For almost all potted plants is normal potting soil, which should be mixed from plant to plant, however, with different additives (for example, bark pieces in the angel's trumpet, loam in the (wild) wine).
Cheap soil often has poor structural quality - when it rains, it becomes a mushy porridge and compacts when dried.
Also, the pot should not be directly on the ground ü a few stones or spacers can be used here.
Winterize potted plants
The normal care of the potted plants is usually not a problem, as long as you do not forget to pour them or they drowned, which occurs much more often. The difficulty is the hibernation. Many popular potted plants come from southern climes and tolerate no frost. You need a suitable winter quarters. Unfortunately, not everyone has a winter garden or a cold house. Good advice is often expensive.
Anyone who wants to grow new plants and intends to cultivate them in the tub should make sure from the start that he can provide the suitable winter quarters. If there is no way to provide the plants with a suitable place, one should rather keep their fingers off the plants and choose something that can hibernate outside. There are also beautiful varieties for that. Although some potted plants are not really hardy, they can survive outdoors with adequate protection. You have to set it up cheap and protect accordingly.
Important in the Übverwinterung - Information on the wintering of container plants
  • Give plants as late as possible! First the tropical plants like hibiscus, banana and papyrus!
  • In case of frost below -5° C leave all plants!
  • Not a lot of watering! The cooler the plant is, the less water it needs.
  • Do not fertilize!
  • Collect fallen leaves!
  • Check for pests.
  • Ventilate regularly!
Potted plants are an asset to any balcony, patio or garden. They usually convince by their great flowering, their leaves, the overall shape or their scent. Meanwhile, many exotics are offered. Of course, the temptation to buy is always great, but you should choose wisely. Many of the plants are not easy to maintain, make special demands and what is crucial, need a suitable winter quarters. So before you buy yourself a new container plant, especially one that you do not know, you should inform yourself comprehensively about their claims. The sales staff can not always trust unconditionally, they want to sell eventually. First, go home and browse the World Wide Web. There you will learn everything you need to know and whether the plant even suits you and your circumstances.

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