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Gorse - Japanese Maple - Gazany - Houseleek

With lavish flowers, potted plants transform the terrace into a summer oasis of well-being. This privilege is reserved not only for amateur gardeners with free time schedule. Anyone who dedicates himself to his profession during the day and has no time for elaborate care work does not have to forego the floral magic. Mother Nature brings us a variety of decorative plants that do not even flatten on the south side of the house. The following selection presents you recommendable potted plants for the terrace, which are satisfied with little water despite full sun.

Bearded flower (Caryopteris clandonensis)

When the terrace is under intense sunlight in late summer and autumn, the bearded flower turns into a flower-rich form. With bright blue flowers on upright up to 100 cm high, upright shoots, the dense bushy shrub generates an opulent appearance. Thanks to a robust winter hardiness, a pruning in the spring is enough for the blossom show to be repeated in the next season.
  • Flowering period from August to October
  • Dry the upper 3-4 cm of the earth, it is poured

Blue lutes - Silver bush (Perovskia atriplicifolia)

Do not rattle any longer with a sunny spot on the terrace where common summer flowers wear out in a short drought. In these situations, the richly blooming and lushly branched blue sounds feel perfectly well. If the sun's rays fall on the silver-shimmering foliage, a beguiling scent unfolds, inviting you to relax after a busy day without having to get started with the watering can.
  • Flowering period from August to October
  • Water a little without causing waterlogging

Diamondgrass (Calamagrostis brachytricha)

Ornamental grasses draw evergreen pictures in the bucket on the terrace, which do not cause dreariness even in winter. One of the high-carats in this category is diamondgrass, which features filigree, silvery-pink flower spikes well into autumn. At least 10 liters of volume should have the pot, so that the expansive ornamental grass feels in good hands. If you do not find time for watering until the evening on hot summer days, the plant will not mind you.
  • Flowering time in autumn
  • Water on hot summer days in the evening or in the morning

Gorse (Cytisus scoparius)

The noble variant of the common ghost, thrilled with red-yellow wing flowers on strong, tightly upright branches. Thanks to a compact habit with a stature height of 150 to 200 cm, the gorse on the terrace is ideally suited to the full-sun, warm location.
  • Flowering period from May to June
  • When the substrate has dried, pour

Fan maple 'Mikawa yatsubusa' (Acer palmatum 'Mikawa yatsubusa')

This rarity among the deciduous trees provides convincing proof that it does not take flowers to draw a colorful picture on the terrace. On the conspicuously twisted branches, dense tufts of leaves sit in a tile-like arrangement. In autumn, the bright red foliage radiates the last flowering plants. The sunnier the location, the more intense the coloring. After 10 years, the Japanese treasure grows to a height of 100 to 150 cm, so that, unlike other deciduous trees, it can spend its entire life in the tub.
  • Special feature: twisted branches
  • Water in summer 1 or 2 times a week

Gazanie - Midday Gold (Gazania)

Cape Marguerite - Lavender - Velvet - Glittering Candle

Summer heat does not bother her as well as bright sun at noon. It is these sweaty conditions that a Gazanie expects to unfold their disc florets, up to 10 cm in size. Perfect for the bucket are the sunshine hybrids, which stretch up to 30 cm towards the sky. To stage the flower festival in the balcony box, the 15 cm small mini-Star Gazania stand ready.
  • Flowering from June to the first frost
  • Only pour when the substrate has dried well

Houseleek 'Waterlily' (Sempervivum)

Representing the multi-faceted family of roofing and houseworms, we would like to introduce you to the colorful variety 'Water Lily'. The succulent trumps with a striking silhouette of emerald leaf rosettes, which impressively highlight themselves with reddish-brown tips in the summer. So and similarly fascinating, the unpretentious Sempervivum decorate your terrace in the tub in all sunny locations. Even shimmering heat causes the perennials no problems, as they can rely on their own water supplies in the fleshy leaves. It is important to note that the planting takes place in a sandy-permeable and nutrient-poor substrate.
  • Flowering time depending on the species year-round
  • Sip in sips when dry

Autumn Skullcap (Scutellaria incana)

Sun-loving, drought tolerant and undemanding - these attributes characterize the autumn helmet herb. As the garden year draws to an end, the faithful perennial plant her light blue flower dress. Until the first frost, the good-natured skullcap keeps on, without constantly demanding care. Only a near-ground pruning in early spring creates space for the budding of the next generation of flowers.
  • Flowering from August until the first frost
  • In case of summer drought, water when the soil has dried

Cape Marguerite (Osteospermum)

As an evergreen shrub with a never-ending flowering time, the Kapmargerite must not be missed in this selection. The South African sunbather opens her flowers only when she can enjoy the rays of our mother star. As their flower stalks reach up to 60 cm in height, the Bornholm marguerite favors a wind-calmed zone on the terrace and the balcony.
  • Flowering from May to the first frost
  • Pour on a hot summer day in the morning or evening


With the real lavender the romantic flair of Provence finds its way onto the terrace and the balcony. The robust small shrub seldom requires gardening care as long as it is allowed to stay in a sunny, warm place. In addition to the deep blue flower scores lavender with evergreen, aromatic fragrant leaves. Sun, dryness and warmth elicit its most beautiful sides from the Mediterranean gem in the tub.
  • Flowering period from July to September
  • Pour sparingly
Tip: So that drought-loving potted plants do not suffer from waterlogging, please insert a drainage layer of inorganic materials between the substrate and the floor opening. Well suited are potsherds, expanded clay balls or grit. So that the water-bearing layer does not get muddy, spread a breathable fleece over it.

Campion, velvetlily (Lychnis coronaria)

Their short lifespan makes up for the biennial carnation with a lavish flowering abundance that lasts throughout the summer. Their most beautiful varieties bloom in bright carmine or innocent white. For the small bucket and the large flower box, the sunbather is suitable both as a solitary and in sociable neighborhood to shrubs with a similar preference for sunny, warm locations.
  • Flowering period from June to August / September
  • Only water in the summer when the finger test points to dry earth

Magnificent candle (Gaura lindheimeri)

Clove flower - thyme - rockrose - lemon tree

From the sun-drenched, hot prairie landscapes of North America, the magnificent candle found its way into our gardens. With gracefully hanging flower clusters, the 60 to 100 cm large perennial takes part in the bucket on summer terrace on the terrace. Of its countless, abundantly flowering shoots, the magnificent candle likes to donate one or the other stalks for the vase. Since it is not completely winter hardy, we recommend a frost-free, bright winter quarters.
  • Flowering period from July to October
  • Pour gently

Sand carnation (Dianthus arenarius)

Look out for a sun-tolerant planting of large potted plants, which is content with little water, the sand carnation is on the spot. With a delicate 10 to 20 cm height and filigree, white flowers, it is flowering shrubs and majestic perennials decorative feet. Of course, the pretty perennial also likes to play the main role in the flower box on the sunny terrace.
  • Flowering period from July to September
  • Pour now and then

Cosmos flower (Iberis sempervirens)

Her evergreen loop flower floods the sunny terrace with white blossom clouds. As a classic spring bloomer, the short-stalked perennial spans the waiting period as underplanting in the tub, until the heyday of the summer's main characters begins. The dark-green, narrow leaves remain throughout the year as a decorative accessory.
  • Flowering period from April to May
  • Water sparingly

Beach Lilac - Sea Lavender (Goniolimon tataricum)

He is considered a prime example of an uncomplicated container plant that yearns for full sun and requires little water. As its name suggests, it prefers to grow under barren, dry and sunny conditions. Among the more than 300 species, the perfect sea lavender should be discovered for every wish. Incidentally, the blue flower stems are excellent for long-lasting dried flowers for bouquets and arrangements.
  • Flowering period from July to October
  • Pour in sips

Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)

Aromatic thyme transforms the terrace into a scent and herb garden. Thanks to various varieties, there is the ideal herb plant for every design request. From the small, red-flowering cascade thyme for the balcony box to the 30 cm spice thyme for the tub, extends the wide range of hybrids. At the same time, the kitchen is regularly supplied with fresh herbal supplies.The highest premise for the full aroma is a sunny, warm place, which comes close to the Mediterranean climatic conditions.
  • Flowering period from June to August
  • Sip in sips when the soil has dried

White summer lilac (Buddleja davidii)

With up to 40 cm long, snow-white flower spikes, which exude a beguiling scent, the wonderful summer lilac trumps. His summery flower show sets the 200 to 300 cm large ornamental shrub in the large bucket on the sunlit terrace in scene, because only in full sun it achieves its optimum.
  • Flowering period from July to October / November
  • In case of dryness, water in the morning or evening
Tip: In the bucket even hardy plants can not do without protection against freezing frost. Place the jar on a wooden block and wrap it with jute, foil or fleece. A thick layer of foliage protects the substrate from excessive winter wetness.

Cistus (Cistus laurifolius)

The cistus does not like to be confronted with shady layers and wetness. Rather, the flowery ornamental wood unfolds its Mediterranean charm only when it can enjoy the full sun. With a stature height of 60 to 120 cm, the fragrant flower beauty is predestined for cultivation in the tub. Since the fragrant plant shivers at temperatures below freezing, it can be easily put into the pot in a frost-free winter quarters.
  • Flowering period from May / June to August / September
  • Only water when the substrate has dried noticeably

Lemon tree (Citrus x limon)

From May to October, the lemon tree spreads a Mediterranean holiday feeling when a white flower splendor takes center stage over its shiny green leaves, complemented by the yellow fruits. For this floral masterpiece, the citrus plant wishes a full, warm place in a sheltered niche.
  • Flowering several times a year
  • Pour 2 to 3 times per week depending on the temperature


For the creative terrace greening they contribute a colorful flowering and tolerate short-term dryness. The potted plants presented here will not let you down in full sun when they receive only a small amount of water. Rather, the floral survivors only feel in good hands if they do not stretch their roots in a damp, wet substrate. As this selection shows, you as a hobby gardener with limited time thus do not have to do without a colorful flowering retreat for mild summer evenings.

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