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If you do not have a garden, but a balcony or a terrace, you do not have to do without a thriving oasis. The variety of potted plants makes it possible to create a little paradise on the smallest balcony. But even in the flower beds you can give potted plants a chance. In pots you can cultivate not only exotic plants, or palm trees, also many perennials feel comfortable in large pots, buckets. Perennials are usually hardy so they can stay out even in winter. Perennials in pots have an advantage over other perennials that grow in the soil. Nudibranchs love the delicate, fresh shoots of perennials and fall over them with preference. Are e.g. Planted in tall pots, they will be spared from these attacks.
Which potted plants are suitable?
In principle, you can put each container plant on the balcony or terrace, but this makes little sense. Some of them are too big for the balcony, others have very special demands on the location and many can not be wintered outdoors, need a suitable winter quarters. Therefore, one must consider before buying which potted plants fit. It is often better to opt for annual crops or tuber plants where only the tubers need to be overwintered. That's easy and simple.
Annual potted plants

  • Mexican Datura (poisonous!)
  • ornamental tobacco
  • Cosmeen
  • Gloxinienwinde
  • Morning Glory
  • Sweetpea
  • Black-eyed Susanne
  • nasturtium
  • stellar winds
Tuber or bulb plants
  • Wunderblume
  • Lily
  • canna
  • dahlias
  • gladiolus
  • tuberous
Perennial potted plants in need of a wintering habitat
  • oleander
  • Agapanthus
  • hibiscus
  • citrus
  • Plumeria
  • agaves
  • Some palms
Potted plants that can overwinter with protection outdoors
  • Boxwood (evergreen)
  • Japanese maple
  • Ball Ginko
  • Sugarloaf spruce (evergreen)
  • Dwarf or ornamental apple trees
  • Some grasses types
  • Peasant or garden hydrangeas
  • bamboo species
  • Winter hardy figs
  • Some palms
If you only have a balcony or a terrace, you often have to restrict yourself. There are many beautiful potted plants, but you just can not have them all. Often it makes more sense to keep something practical in the bucket, e.g. Herbs. You can also use it for the kitchen. Especially Mediterranean herbs look great in the bucket. They are not so expensive to buy and, if necessary, can be bought new every year. Harvest them in the autumn, dry them or freeze them. So they are recycled around.
Dahlias can also be wonderfully cultivated in pots and kept on the balconies. They love sun or partial shade and their delicate flowers enchant again and again. Advantage: Dahlias, which are cultivated in pots, can in autumn with their tub in their winter quarters. Unfortunately they are not hardy, so they are very grateful for a dark, frost-free room. Large potted plants can be planted in perforated buckets and buried in the beds in the ground. Thus, they can not tip over in strong winds and also donate some shade. Larger mortar buckets are available in hardware stores. Using a can drill on the bucket wall, drill some holes, sink the bucket into the ground, and plant the plant in this bucket. The roots can grow out of the holes, in autumn the roots are cut off with the spade around the bucket and the plant can be winterized. (Wrap the bucket in plastic wrap to prevent water leaking when watering in winter quarters).
Potted plants are an asset to any balcony or patio. It is important to choose the right one. If you are a beginner, it is best to choose a plant that is easy to care for and to hibernate with, or try it with annuals. Over time, you learn about it and can also try it with more difficult plants. The prerequisite is always that you have enough space in the house or apartment to overwinter the plants well. That's where most plant lovers fail. They put a lot of money in the sand with the wrong choice. So, rather let your fingers of spontaneous purchases and previously choose on the Internet, which plant would fit the local conditions!

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