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When the first rays of sunshine make early trees and bulbous flowers bloom in spring, the industrious gardener is already rubbing his hooves impatiently. When can and should the winter in the house or winter garden potted plants on the terrace be cleared? The answer to this question depends largely on the local conditions and the regional climate. The milder and more protected, the sooner the winter guests are allowed to go outside. While robust Mediterranean potted plants in regions with a mild climate may be brought out of winter quarters early on, sensitive plants prefer to stay behind glass longer. In the Alpine region and on the coast, you should rather wait a little longer with the clearing out. The plant type also decides when to clear out.

Clean out robust plants in April

Container plants, which do not mind a bit cooler temperatures, such as real laurel, plumbago, oleander, fig, camellia, aukube, palm and olive may already on the sheltered terrace in April, because they like there much better because of the higher light output in the winter camp. Especially in mild areas such as the winegrowing area, early clearing out of these insensitive species is usually no problem.

Bucket and citrus plants in winter quarters

When potted plants are allowed to leave their winter quarters depends on the region and the plant species

Sensibelchen remain in the house until mid-May

Delicate exotic potted plants like sweet mallow (Mandevilla), lantana, hibiscus, lemon and orange tree, gentian shrub, angel trumpet and bougainvillea, on the other hand, may not be released until after the icy saints, ie from 15 May, because it is still possible to expect late frosts which can severely damage the plants. In order not to jeopardize the flowering of the breeze-sensitive beauties, it is better to leave the plants in the house a little longer, until the outside temperatures reliably no longer fall below five degrees. Tip: Smaller pots can be put out during the waiting period for fresh air sniffing on nice days and brought back to bad ones.

Weed out lanterns

Lantans need warm temperatures and should not be removed from their winter quarters before mid-May

Get used to potted plants to the sun

If you bring your potted plants from the winter quarters, you should take care not to put the plants directly in the sun. After the long months of indirect or even artificial lighting, sunburn and dehydration are at risk. Therefore, it is best to choose a cloudy day for clearing and then place the pots in a shady place on the terrace or at the house, protected from drafts. So the plants can slowly get used to the increased radiation and the changed temperatures. Attention: April is known for its rapid weather changes. If snow or night frost is the order of the day, the plants must be covered in time or returned to the house!

Tips for clearing potted plants

Carrying aid potted plants

Special transport aids facilitate the removal of larger potted plants

If you are planning to empty your tubs in the garden in the near future, you should stop watering the plants a few days beforehand, because with dried-on soil they are much easier to transport. The branches or leaves of some species (for example bougainvillea, citrus or palm trees) are covered with spines. You can protect yourself from cuts on transport by completely covering the plant with burlap. A cord holds the tissue tight without hurting the branches. Now is also a good time to repot potted plants into fresh soil. A pruning stimulates the re-emergence and makes the plant better transportable. Plastic pots or plant scooters make it easier to move up and down. The clearing out of the potted plants from conservatory and greenhouse creates new space for cuttings, which are cut and dressed in spring and summer.

Here you will find wintering tips for the most common potted plants as well as tips for grooming in winter quarters

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