Practical shower enclosure in the bathroom

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Shower enclosure in the bathroom

The private bathroom is equipped with a bathtub and you are actually a big fan of putting yourself under a hot stream of water and so to let off the stress of the day from you?
No problem, because thanks to modern
Shower partitions as a bath top you can very quickly, simply, inexpensively and visually beautiful to conjure a shower.
The practicality of such a converted bathtub of the classic shower cubicle is in no way inferior. Responsible for this are the excellent techniques used in the modern day
Shower enclosures are used.
No flooding thanks
shower enclosure

Of course, you can easily put in any bath and turn it into a shower. The result is a thoroughly flooded bathroom, because when showering splashes a lot of water next to it.
This fact was made with a shower curtain, which is attached to a pole around the bath, announce the fight. The result, however, was far from satisfactory. Finally, the water made its way under the curtain and past it.
With a practical
Shower enclosure has this now an end, but only insofar as it is professionally appropriate and the size was chosen sufficiently.
At a
Shower screen is a design that has been adapted to the needs of a shower cubicle based on the classic shower cubicle.
The material used is mostly plastic and therefore impermeable to water.
However, it is essentially important that the size of the
Shower enclosure is generously selected. Because optimally, the separation of the shower head in Wandhängendem state towering over a bit and in width half the bath from the
Covered shower enclosure. In this way in combination with a stable silicone layer at the support points of the
Shower screen will prevent the shower water from being over, under or to the side of the shower
Shower enclosure can find the way outside.
Transparent elements enlarge the bathroom optically
For a long time was a major criticism of the permanently installed
Shower partitions that make them anyway cramped bathrooms that do not allow joint accommodation of shower and bath because of their small size, look optically smaller, since opaque partitions appear like a brick wall.
The well-being when lying in the tub was also a refusal, because the interior was very dark and cramped. Are now
Shower enclosures in transparent materials on the market, which clearly counter these disadvantages. Elegant rounding in the upper area induce a visual elegance beyond the glass box.
If you think this is too insightful then you will find it too
Shower enclosures, which are always kept transparent, but at the level of the intimate zone are constructed opaque with a frosted glass insert or ornamental ornaments. So really every claim can be fulfilled.
Shower enclosure for the production of a shower corner

In fact, it is even possible now
To acquire shower enclosures, which consist not only of a shower wall attachment for the bathtub, but so to speak represent a folding wall, with the help of which half of the bathtub can be converted into a closed shower cubicle.
This is made possible by a practical
Shower partition, which is attached only on one wall side, but has no silicone connection to the edge of the bathtub. Such
Shower enclosure is constructed like a folding door, which can be completely folded when not in use and thus virtually disappears.
When taking a shower you take the
Shower enclosure in use. It leads in a semicircle from its attachment point over the bathtub and is anchored to a special wall bracket on the tub wall side. So the bathtub is closed around the shower. Only below the knee remains inevitably an opening.
While ordinary
Shower enclosures are already to be found from 100 euros in the trade, this luxury equipment is not much more expensive. From 150 euros you can profit from it.

Video Board: SIMONA shower enclosure assembly guide.

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