Pressure when heating too low or too high? Get advice from a specialist

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Pressure when heating too low or too high? - Get advice from a specialist

The pressure of a heater is regulated directly at the heating system, where it can be read off on a pressure gauge. It depends on the height of the building, so a multi-storey house needs a higher pressure than a one-family house or bungalow with only one level.
Pressure of the heater too low
If the pressure is too low, the radiators in the highest rooms will no longer be supplied with sufficient water and the rooms will no longer be heated, or only badly heated. Also, the venting of the radiator is then no longer possible.
This will calculate the necessary pressure
The pressure of the heating system is measured in bar. A bar corresponds to a water column of ten meters, that is, the pressure of one bar would be sufficient for a building with a height of ten meters. Detached houses with a ground floor and an upper floor, where the heating system is installed in the basement, would therefore come with a pressure of less than one bar, because their height is not more than ten meters. So that the radiators but
can be easily vented without this comes to a low pressure, the pressure is always set slightly higher.
Adjustment of the pressure at the heater
After the summer and especially at
In older heating systems, it may happen that the pressure of the heating is too low. It should therefore be checked regularly before restarting the heating, but also during the winter months.
  • Modern heating systems often have a small green mark on the display of the manometer. This indicates the pressure range which is optimal for the heating system.
  • The black pointer indicating the current pressure should therefore be within this green range.
  • A red pointer indicates the minimum pressure required for heating. However, since it can happen every now and then that the hands jam, should be tapped easily before starting work on the manometer.
Increase the pressure
To increase the pressure of a heater to the required value, fresh water is replenished. For this, however, the system must first be switched off and cool down. When filling the water, make sure that the black pointer for the current pressure remains below the maximum level because the water will still expand when heated. This work can be carried out by yourself, but if you are unsure, you should seek advice from a specialist in order to prevent major damage to the heating system.

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