Prices & costs for a development house

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Prices & costs for a development house

Extension houses are also known as Mitbauhäuser. The name actually says it all: in a development house, the client takes over the interior design completely or partly himself.
This contribution, also known as the "muscle mortgage", significantly increases the equity of the client.
Services of the manufacturer
The base is usually a prefab house. Which services the manufacturer provides in this case depends only on the contract between him and the client. Of course, the house must contain all the walls, a covered roof, the finished roof soffit and the chimney. The walls must be insulated and the facades clad or plastered. In a house with one and a half or two floors, of course, include the floor ceiling and the stairs. A possibly associated balcony should have a railing and a drainage.
As a rule, windows and shutters and the front door (possibly also the patio door) are available. Empty pipes for electrical lines and the pipes for water, sewage and gas are already installed.
Services provided by the client
What the builder can do himself should depend on a time available and his crafting skills. However, it also happens time and again that a client has overestimated his abilities and possibilities in this regard and therefore only realizes too late that he can fulfill the self-imposed requirements neither in terms of time nor the craftsmanship.
and prices for a development house

Depending on how much work the building owner takes over, the costs for the house are reduced. But one must not believe that a development house would be cheaper than a turnkey house. Basically you pay less money for it, but gives for the lack of money his manpower. And if you're not a builder, you'll even pay in most cases. However, you do not pay for it in cash, but in work.
The prices start at about 50,000 € for a simple small development house and go up to about 250,000 €.

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