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Cobblestones adorn numerous entrances to the house, but also terraces and gardens, which are based on a simple and natural style. Depending on the quality and condition, the paving stones are very different in design as well as price.
Calculate price for paving stones
Decisive for a reasonable calculation of the paving stones is the material used. There are also the craftsmen prices, if the paving work is not carried out by yourself. A laying of paving stones made of natural stones and small paving costs between 16 and 20 euros per square meter. This price refers to the work of a plaster. You pay 6 to 12 euros, if you decide for concrete blocks.
Each installation includes the corresponding preparatory work. These include straightening and substructure. This will be charged additionally with 150 to 250 euros. Further costs arise if, in addition, an additional surface has to be poured. This often occurs in terraces.
Cost range according to the materials
But paying for the work is far from over. The cost of the paving stones themselves must also be taken over:

  • If one chooses simple concrete blocks, it is 8 to 20 euros per square meter for the stones.
  • Who wants to have a higher quality, must calculate 17 to 32 euros.
  • Especially in the area of ​​natural stones, prices of 14 € can be found, but also up to 80 € per square meter can be demanded.
The cost range is very large, so that a comparison is always worthwhile. That an expensive stone is also very high quality, would be a premature conclusion. Much more affects the rarity of each stone on the price. The rarer a stone is to be found, the higher the price.
In many cases, a specialist company does the pending work. Before commissioning, a cost estimate should always be obtained. A serious and professional company will always separate labor costs and material costs. These should be viewed and compared by different providers. In particular, the factor for the materials can be very different here.
Make paving stones yourself
Who wants to occupy himself a little, also has the opportunity to make the paving stones very cheap themselves. For this, gravel and cement should be used. A ratio of 3: 1 is advisable. So you use three shovels of gravel and a shovel of cement. Both are mixed with each other and moistened, so that a soil moisture is generated. Thereafter, this mass must be poured into a mold and smoothed. After drying the mass, only the wiring has to be removed. Optimally, this is made of boards and Schraubzwingern. And in no time you have new and homemade paving stones. The costs for this procedure are related to the cement and the concrete color. Ten kilos of cement are about two euros. The gravel is to be settled in the same price segment. The concrete color is again at 20 to 30 euros. Your purchase ensures an adaptation to the environment, so that the work fits perfectly into the environment.
Criteria for the prices of paving stones
  • Paving stones are classified according to different criteria, which then give the price range. From this then develop the corresponding differences in the prices.
  • Considerable differences exist in the areas of size and strength. As small stones one sees stones with dimensions of 10 x 10 x 6 cm or 20 x 20 x 8 cm. Large models are stones of 80 x 80 x 8 cm.
  • Impact on price also have the way of making. This includes the mixture of cement, the grain of the rock and the resistance of the paving stones.
  • Significantly, the materials affect the price. Conventional paving stones are made of concrete. Granite, marble and natural stone are expensive variants.
The color also determines the price range. Special colors, for example in Mediterranean style, can increase the price considerably.
The format is just as much a criterion. Rectangular or square stones are relatively cheap, while octagonal and round stones are more expensive. Then the concrete composite stone also affects the price. S-shape, I-shape and H-shape are popular models.
Errors can always occur during paving work. A source of error, for example, can be found on a slope. This must be calculated before the transfer. In addition, the load capacity of the pavement surface must be calculated. Disregard of an associated area can endanger the stability of the area. The condition of the substrate must be examined in advance.
Further cost factors
In the area of ​​gradient, a worker must follow the regional conditions. These include the height of the entrance threshold to the house and the upper edges of roads. Experts use a leveling device. Who wants to move his stones privately, can use a wooden Richtscheit.The spirit level must be perfectly set up to ensure surface stability. The usual gradient is one to two percent. Anyone who calculates one percent of the gradient must comply with one meter of difference in height per meter. It is also difficult when water can not drain. This can cause moisture damage to the building. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that the paved area is located so that no moisture can accumulate. The boundary to the building parts must therefore be well laid out. Often enough to a 30 to 40 inches wide strip on the edge of the building. Finally, all calculations should be included in the timetable for the installation...
Worth knowing about paving stone laying soon
Paving stones are now affordable for anyone who wants to move. However, if you want to meet high standards, you have to dig deeper. As a basis, however, at least the area must be calculated. Anything beyond the budget can be decided individually and according to the offer.
  • Basically, it depends on the calculation of the paving stones and the work to be performed on which material is used.
  • In addition to the pure material costs but you must also include the craftsman prices, unless you do the paving yourself.
  • In addition, costs may still be incurred if an area, such as a terrace, still needs to be heaped up.
  • The prices for the paving stones themselves are very different, so you have to reckon with costs between 8 and 20 euros for simple concrete blocks. High quality concrete blocks can cost as much as € 17 to € 32 per square meter.
  • If it is natural stone, the prices go further apart. Price ranges of 14 to 80 euros per square meter are not uncommon.
  • For natural stones, however, the price says nothing about the quality, because many types of natural stone are rare, which explains the high price.
  • If you let a specialist company make a cost estimate, you should definitely pay attention to the clear separation of material costs and labor costs and seek alternative offers. The cost of the material is often very far apart.
However, you can also produce paving stones quite cheaply. For this one needs gravel and cement in the relationship 3: 1, thus three Schippen gravel and a Schippe cement, and mixes this earth-moistly. Subsequently, the mass is poured into a mold and smoothed. Once the mass has dried, simply remove the wiring, which is best made from boards with screw clamps, and you have unique paving stones. Ten kilos of cement cost about two euros and gravel is just as cheap. With concrete paint you can also color the stones, so that they later match the color of the environment.

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