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Costs / prices of turfs and turfs The prices for turfs vary very much, but the expensive turf does not have to be the best and the cheapest is not the worst turf. In addition, there are different levels of quality, from simple playing turfs to all-purpose turfs to robust sports. With the price one must consider that the turf must grow more than 12 months with the manufacturer, until it is ready for sale. In addition to the actual costs for the turf, which range from € 2 to € 5 per square meter, additional costs such as transport, the processing of the future lawn as well as the installation must also be added to the price. This can quickly add up to a four-digit amount for larger areas.
On the other hand, you have a nice lawn under guarantee, which unfortunately is not always guaranteed when sowing lawn seeds. If only little capital is available for a new lawn, it is advisable to equip important areas with turf and to plant the rest with lawn seeds.
Once you have decided to use turf, it is a good idea to compare different providers and consult relevant internet forums. From the opinion and the experiences of other people one can also profit only with the purchase of turf and can thus perhaps avoid one or the other mistake. In addition to the actual costs mentioned above, the ongoing costs and the time required for turf are much cheaper than for normal turf. Due to special breeding forms and strong root growth, turf is also recommended for shady places. Even the rather hated growth of weeds is no longer a big issue with fully-stocked lawns.
Price examples for turf
Most of the time you will come across the largest price differences in turf when you discover an offer on the internet that is a few euros below that of your local provider. But then it pays to take a closer look, not only in terms of the quality of the roller turf:
1. The first example comes from the Rollrasen Müller GmbH in 77933 Lahr, accessible to all home gardeners in the south of Germany. If you are based near you, you can pick up your lawn yourself or you can expect a reasonable price for delivery. The lawn itself costs 4.30 euros per square meter, if you lose at least 100 square meters. For quality you will find the following information:

  • Only seed approved by the Federal Office is used here
  • The turf originates from the seeds of Lolium perenne, Poa pratensis and Festuca rubra ssp.
  • The crucial properties of these varieties are described
  • The lawn grows directly in Lahr
  • The turf grows there at least 1.5 years
  • During this time he is mowed 80 to 90 times
  • During growth, the turf is scarred four times
  • In the growing season, it is rolled twice
2. The Pflanzen-Janssen GmbH in 47906 Kempen offers on the Internet under a turf for 2.05 euros. This price sounds tempting if you can live near Kempen and pick up the lawn, certainly a worthy alternative. However, if you prefer to book a delivery, the price then changes quite considerably when entering the postcode of your home town and so usually comes very close to the price of the above operation. However, the quality specifications are a bit leaner:
  • About the seed you learn nothing except for the advertising statement "best seed"
  • The lawn grows in the plant of the plants Janssen GmbH or completely elsewhere in a order breeding
  • The turf grows for at least 1 year
  • How often is mowed or rolled, you do not learn exactly ("mowing several times a week"), scarifying is not mentioned at all
The quality of this lawn does not necessarily have to be worse, you just do not know exactly. However, if the far-away cultivation of crops offers completely different soil conditions than your garden soil, this will almost certainly lead to problems.
Rolling lawn and self-sunken lawn - (k) a price comparison
Anyway, if you want to get to your lawn in a reasonably priced way, there's nothing inherent in self-sowing: You can get a kilo of seed tested by the Federal Office for about 5, - Euro, and you can sown 40 square meters of lawn, whereas for turf you only sow for that price get a little over a square meter.
Advantages of turf
Of course, finished lawn has many advantages, so it looks just great! You get almost all varieties that your heart desires, finally, there are also special extra breeds with specific characteristics for stadiums or special occasions.
If it's mislaid, then you have also saved yourself the long time of watering and waiting that you would normally have in normal turf. The outdoor facilities are therefore ready immediately.In addition, there are no contaminants or weeds, as turf has been specially bred for about a year. During this time he was under special circumstances also kept free of weeds.
The laying of finished lawn is also not very difficult and actually get by everyone. Also, the Andüngen saves you. In addition, there are hardly any gaps that are almost always preprogrammed in normal turf.
But there are also disadvantages of using turf. And of course that starts with the high price. If you have built a house, then anyway the money is scarce and every penny is needed. There is usually not even the money left for turf.
In addition, the lawn is very heavy and must be transported to the destination. For small areas that may still go, you can do it to the emergency even with the car, but if large areas are designed, then it will be more difficult and above all even more expensive.
Then there is the question of quality. How do I know which lawn is good for something and on my property is not equal again? If I ask a specialist, then he sells me a more expensive lawn. If I choose low-cost turf, then maybe I make the wrong choice and later have the disadvantage.
In addition, the substrate must be treated very expensive, the surface must be flat, nutrient-rich and moist, otherwise someday such things happen as bumps or dents in the lawn.
The choice between a normal turf and a turf should be up to you and your own needs. After all, everybody has to live with the consequences themselves. Have fun with the new lawn!
by Annett Biermann

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