Pour the prickly pear and fertilize - How to ensure a strong growth

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Prickly pears usually do not need much care. You still have to water and fertilize them regularly. Only then can they thrive and bear many fruits.

Prickly pears do not need a lot of water

As a typical desert plant, the prickly pear needs little water and rarely fertilizer. However, you should not leave it completely to yourself, but regularly check the condition of the earth. Only with carefully dosed watering and fertilizing the prickly pear remains healthy, grows well and develops many beautiful flowers and fruits. In addition, they also prevent diseases and pests from spreading to the plant.

So much water needs the prickly pear

Use rainwater or stale, soft or filtered tap water for pouring. The water should not be too cold.

Water requirement in summer:

If the plant is outside, it needs little water during the summer months. In high humidity, so in rainy summers, you can do without casting almost completely. Make sure, however, that the prickly pear cactus is protected from too much rain. When outdoors, heavy, prolonged downpours can damage the plant. It also helps to check the plant substrate regularly. Only when the upper layer has dried out, you must water moderately. Waterlogging should not develop, so drainage at the bottom of the planter is also useful.

Water requirement in winter:

Before hibernation you have to water the prickly pear one more time. Make sure again that no waterlogging forms. During the winter months the plant needs hardly any water. Only when the upper layer of soil is properly dry, you may pour a little more.


If you water the plant too much in winter, it begins to grow atypically. The flowering in the next summer, on the other hand, stays off.

Water requirement after planting / repotting / multiplying:

As a desert plant, the prickly pear cactus is used to little water. However, there is one exception: if you plant the prickly pear cactus or multiply or repot it must be watered vigorously. Thereafter, the soil should dry through to the root ball.

Water requirement for room cacti:

Prickly pears, which are in the room on the windowsill, also need only a little water. Sunlight at the window can cause the plant to dry out faster than outdoors. But with a regular view of the earth, you can tell when it's time for a bit of water.

How to properly fertilize the prickly pear cactus

The prickly pear is a frugal plant that requires little nutrients. A special cactus fertilizer is best suited for healthy growth and lush flowers. This should be low in nitrogen and potassium. You can also use an inorganic fertilizer. This is always necessary if the plant looks "mastic", ie has too thick, fleshy leaves. The prickly pear is then easily susceptible to disease. In order to prevent it from happening, the inorganic fertilizer helps to increase the salt concentration in the soil so that the plant can recover.

During the summer months from May to August, fertilize about every two to four weeks.


  • water abundantly after planting and repotting
  • allow the upper layer of earth to dry out
  • pour little during the summer months
  • Little or no watering in winter
  • Use cactus fertilizer every two to four weeks in the summer

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