The own sauna in the house or garden

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Hot, hotter, hottest: About ten million Germans regularly go to relax in the sauna. But more and more people prefer to sweat at home in their own home. According to a current estimate of the Federal Association Saunabau 1.6 million households have their own sauna.

The own sauna in the house or garden: garden

Hot inside, white outside: The function of a sauna can hardly be depicted in any clearer way. Warmth and cold stimulation strengthen the body's defenses. The sweat that the body produces during sauna bathing detoxifies the body in a natural way

From the sauna to the relaxation temple

The own sauna in the house or garden: house

Make steam: Clear water is added to the hot, rock-lying rock to generate steam. This increases the humidity and the perceived sauna temperature. After a stressful day, such an infusion invigorates body and mind

The trend is moving away from the rustic cellar sauna to the wellness oasis. The basis for the sauna installation is a dry, tiled room with shower, which can be ventilated well. This can be a generously sized bathroom but also a former nursery. Ideal are rooms above ground because they provide easy access to the garden or the roof terrace.
A simple sauna with shower costs from about 4 000 euros. But more and more manufacturers rely on individual design and modern design. Above all, multi-functional systems are enjoying growing popularity: they are not only sauna and steam room, but also infrared cabin. Thus, the "sweatbox" can also be used for color therapy.

Sauna Thermometer

Controlled: hourglasses indicate how long you have been sweating in the sauna. The duration is 15 minutes

The stove is the soul of the sauna. It should be designed so that it emits mainly radiant heat. This creates a particularly pleasant sauna climate. Prerequisite for the connection to the house electrics is a power line. The installation should be done by a specialist.

The own sauna in the house or garden: million

Refreshed: Infusion concentrates are enriched with essential oils. Orange calms, Eucalyptus strengthens the concentration. Linen terry from Finland is unique. It is made of linen and cotton. This has a massaging effect on the skin

Enjoy pure relaxation

Otherwise, a rule of thumb is 10 to 15 minutes. Before the sauna session you should shower off, after sweating there is a cold water or you jump into the cooling pool. Then you should treat the body a little rest. Wrap yourself on a lounger in a blanket and close your eyes for a few minutes.

Clean thing


An infusion increases the humidity. The moister it is, the hotter the air appears

Even if a sauna is used properly, sweat and biocides deposit in the walls and sauna benches and permanently block the pores of the wood. This is detrimental to the sauna climate. Clean the sauna regularly with soap and water.

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