Professional tips for successful garden photos

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The garden is now showing its best side. Photo journalist Martin Schröder gives you useful tips to skilfully capture the abundance of flowers with the camera.

When is the best time to take pictures?

Professional tips for successful garden photos: tips

Photojournalist Martin Schröder

Best in the early morning or late evening hours. Then the light is the most beautiful: colors and shapes are best shown. In bright midday sun the structures disappear and the contrasts between light and shadow become too high. If the light comes directly from behind, the picture looks flat and two-dimensional. Better is sidelight.

What do you have to pay attention to when creating larger situations?

Professional tips for successful garden photos: professional

Crocuses in the sunshine photographed by photographer Martin Schörder

Every picture needs an eye-catcher, which should not necessarily be in the middle of the picture. For example, a beautiful flower, a HochstÀmmchen or a curved path. Arranging is worthwhile: put away the garden hose, take out withered blossoms and decorate the garden table nicely. The image section should not be too small. Later you can still make the picture smaller, but a half-photographed treetop can not be replaced anymore.

We are looking for your pictures!

Professional tips for successful garden photos: garden

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