Promotion of solar systems and solar energy

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There are numerous support programs at regional, state, federal and EU funding levels. The most up-to-date overview is expediently obtained in the funding database of the Federal Ministry of Economics under:

Law for promotion

Interesting in this context is the Law for the Primacy of Renewable Energy, in short Renewable Energy Law (EEG), which is the decrease
and the remuneration of electricity produced exclusively from renewable energy sources by utility companies operating networks for general electricity supply (network operators). In addition to promoting technological development, the aim of this law is to increase the share of renewable energies to at least 20% by 2020. The Photovoltaic Vorschaltgesetz to the EEG regulates the solar power remuneration.
Presenting the other funding programs here makes little sense because the timeliness is lost too quickly. Informing in the funding database of the BMWi and then advice from the expert of trust, that is the tip.
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by Peter Morgenroth

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