Multiply cuttings - how it works!

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Anyone can reproduce cuttings. All you have to do is follow our little tips, then it works great with the cultivation of new plants.

Multiply cuttings... and then transfer to potting soil

When everything is lush in the summer, the best time to grow your plants is to grow. So you do not have to buy anything new in the next season and always have a small flower gift ready. What sounds complicated at first sight is not. You only need a few accessories and a little patience, then it works well with the proliferation of cuttings.

Increase cuttings - step by step instructions

Before you begin, prepare the following things: a pair of sharp pruning shears, flower pots, potting soil, plastic bag.

Step 1

Pick a shoot on the plant that does not have flowers at the moment. One year old shoots are best because they have more power than older shoots. Too young fresh shoots are not suitable because you are still too soft and wet in the stem and could mold so quickly. Cut the selected shoot at about 6 to 8 cm (about as long as a finger).

" Important: The secateurs must be sharp, so that the shoot is not crushed.

step 2

Remove all lower leaves. These must not be planted, otherwise they will rot and deprive the earth of the power that the cuttings need to grow.

step 3

The cut cuttings are now inserted into the prepared, slightly moist, cultivation soil. Make sure that you only insert the cutting so deeply that no leaves are planted.

Step 4

In the fourth step, we tinker a kind of miniature greenhouse. Place the pot with the cuttings in a sufficiently large plastic bag, with the opening facing up. This bag must not be completely closed, as otherwise forms too much moisture and the cuttings very easily start to mold.

Step 5

Keep your cuttings growing moist and make sure the cuttings get enough oxygen. After a few days you will be able to observe the first roots and your cuttings propagation has been successful.

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