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The proliferation of leaf cuttings is relatively simple and is therefore often used, although not many plants are suitable. The cutting consists of a leaf, with or without a stem. African violet, spinach, Sanseveria, Zamioculas (lucky feather), peperomia, money tree, stonecrop, aloe, begonias, Venus flytrap and leaf cacti are particularly well suited to the propagation of leaf creepers.
As a rule, a leaf is separated from the mother plant. Sometimes, however, a piece of leaf is sufficient, as in the case of the Sanseveria. The interfaces should be slightly dried on succulents or dried on all other plants you can continue working immediately. The leaf is planted (slightly slanted) and poured gently. Over time, new leaves form from the base, the plant has roots. The original leaf dies over time. In this type of propagation you have to be careful with the casting.
Zamioculcas zamiifolia (lucky feather)
The absolutely easy to clean houseplant is very popular. It is suitable for people with little experience in dealing with plants and forgives care mistakes quite generous. Also it is easy to multiply. You can divide the plant, but also the propagation by leaf cuttings works well. However, this takes a very long time.

  • Leaf cuttings can be cut throughout the year.
  • These are inserted vertically into a suitable plant substrate.
  • Suitable is well-drained soil, preferably germ-free.
  • Since a rhizome has to train, it sometimes takes months before new leaves show up.
Easier is the attempt to simply put the sheet in a glass of water. Only tubers form, from which roots grow again. It is important to use only single spring leaves, not a whole boom, so not the thick stems, but only the smaller leaves.
African violetsThe Usambara is the ideal plant for the leaf creeper multiplication. It is completely unimportant. The temperature should be 20 to 25┬░ C.
  • Separate leaf with stalk from mother plant.
  • Leave a stalk (2 to 3 cm) on the leaf and put it in the ground.
  • The new leaves appear on the stalk.
  • The rooting time of African Violets is only three to four weeks.
  • If you want to rooted leaf cuttings in the dark season, you need an additional light of 40 watts per m┬▓.
The African Violet can also be propagated by leaves placed in water, but only give the stem in water - the leaves do not like it wet!
aloeThe leaf creeper propagation in aloe is not so easy and not every aloe. It's easier to multiply them with Kindl or head cuttings. If you want to try it, then so:
  • Cut off a leaf (should be thick and full of water).
  • It is important that the interface is slightly dry.
  • Put leaf in slightly moistened soil and pour like mother plant, so rather sparse.
  • You need enough light and heat.
There are three types of begonia, rhizomatous (propagated by division of rhizomes), tuberous (cuttings propagation) and rooting. The classic way to breed root begonias is to use shoot cuttings. Begonias can also be easily propagated through leaf cuttings. There are some things to keep in mind:
  • One can multiply begonia throughout the year by leaf cuttings.
  • But the best time is from spring to summer.
  • You cut off a leaf. Here the leaf veins are incised, cut in some places.

  • Then lay the sheet flat on the ground and press down (top to top)!
  • Complain sheet with very small stones.
  • The new plantlets form at the entry points.
  • Important is a lot of heat and moisture, which can be achieved by slipping over with a bag.
Venus Flytrap
The venus flytrap can be multiplied in three ways, by sowing, splitting and leaf cuttings. The latter type is the most commonly used. It's pretty simple:
  • It is a leaf from the plant demolished, not cut off!
  • It is important that the fleshy base of the leaf is preserved with, so tear off exactly at the base!
  • The leaf is placed in a damp mixture of sand and peat.

  • Cultivate leaf like a normal venus flytrap, put only a bag over the potty, so that the humidity is nice and high.
  • Only use rainwater! Always keep the substrate moist! Do not forget to air!
  • It usually only takes three to four weeks before a new plantlet emerges.
The propagation of plants by leaf cuttings is quite simple. Mostly a high humidity is conducive, sometimes absolutely necessary. Otherwise, you have to pay attention to clean tools and germ-free substrate, then can not go much wrong.

Video Board: How to propagate begonias from leaf cuttings and seed.

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