The right care for roses - 5 tips

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Roses maintain tips

roses are the queens of the flowers, accordingly, they also need enough and above all the right care, When the roses start to bloom in May or June, the time has come to pay special attention to the great plants.

Our 5 Tips for the Right Rose Care:

  1. Blooming rose petals should always be removed immediately to extend the flowering period.
  2. Regular watering is also mandatory, but only directly to the earth and never over the leaves. So fungal diseases are avoided.
  3. Also the earth has to be processed regularly and rather too much than too little. Roses breathe through the roots, so they need a lot of oxygen. Therefore, regularly loosen up the soil, preferably with a Rosengrabegabel, which consists of two prongs.
  4. You should not fertilize from July, but the roses do a bark mulch layer well.
  5. Oh yes, make roses form bright green wild shoots. These should be removed immediately and directly at the root, since they can steal power from the rose.

If you treat your roses like this, you will enjoy it a lot.

Video Board: 10 Easy Tips for Growing Roses.

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