Properly ventilate and heat

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Properly ventilate and heat

The key to a healthy living environment and the best way to prevent mildew is to ventilate and heat properly.
In cold places in the home, the moisture precipitates as condensate and this leads in the long term to mold. Mold in living rooms, however, is hazardous to health and should therefore be avoided of course. This is particularly problematic in poorly insulated buildings and apartments, for example on shutters etc.

One has to differentiate the way of airing depending on the room: in damp rooms, for example, the correct ventilation is of course even more important than in the living rooms.
Ventilate properly in the bathroom and kitchen
After showering in the bathroom and after cooking in the kitchen should be shocked immediately. Shock ventilation, that means for 5 minutes the windows open wide and possible for passage
to take care while closing the doors of the ventilated room. In winter, 5 minutes are enough, in the summer, of course, you can also ventilate longer.
In all other rooms, this should also be practiced several times a day. Recommended are 2 - 4 times.
Just as it is advisable in the morning just after getting up to ventilate the bedroom shortly. By the way, if you prefer to sleep cool during the night, especially in winter, you should definitely close the doors, as otherwise several rooms will cool down.
Attention! Permanently tilted windows during the
Heating season absolutely does not make sense: this only wastes unnecessary energy. Again, apply: bump instead!
It is recommended to measure the humidity with a hygrometer. This even indicates when the humidity is too high - some even with an acoustic tone.

Video Board: How to Properly Ventilate Your Basement.

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