Proper composting - 5 tips

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Always keep the compost moist

Having your own compost pile in the garden is invaluable. If you have the opportunity, you must pay attention to a few points when composting properly.

Use compost for floor care
If you want to cultivate your soil optimally, you should provide it with compost. The compost not only improves the quality of the soil. It also helps to reduce the waste problem both in the garden and in the house. If you have enough space in your garden, then you should definitely create a compost heap, as garden waste and kitchen waste on the compost heap are converted into a valuable fertilizer.

Proper composting - 5 tips

  1. The compost must be designed so that it does not disturb your neighbors odor. So do not sit next to the neighbor's terrace.
  2. Compost should always be in shade or partial shade and protected from the wind.
  3. Not everything is compostable. These include root weeds, sick plants, flower fertilizers, paper, cat litter, tobacco, cigarettes and cotton cords. In contrast, we can compost weed without seeds, leaves, moss, potato peels, teabags, coffee grounds, Obstreste and vegetable remains, grass clippings and cut flowers without hesitation. Be careful with citrus peels, wood ash, sawdust and sand, adding them only in small quantities. Larger parts such as branches should be chopped.
  4. If you compost, you always need two plants. When a compost is full, it has to rest.
  5. Always keep the compost moist. To test if it is wet enough, take a hand full and squeeze. If a ball forms and the material does not fall apart, it has the right amount of moisture.

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