Protection for hardy potted plants

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Even plants that are hardy in the bed need protection from frosty temperatures when they grow in pots.

The natural antifreeze of the plant roots, the thick protective mantle of the garden floor, must be artificially replaced. Because: If the frost penetrates unhindered into the pot, the root system can neither water still nutrient to take care of the plant. Just evergreen plants like boxwood and cherry laurel evaporate sunny winter days still a lot of water and are dependent on a regular supply, to no drought damage to suffer. Important: Do not forget to water on frost-free winter days!

Protection for hardy potted plants: plants

To prevent the pots from freezing so quickly, cover them with insulating material Bubble Wrap or fill in a 10 cm thick layer Foliage or straw between the pot and a coat of burlap. So that the potted plants in their Winter outfit Look pretty, you can buy in retailers colored burlap, for example, in red, yellow or orange, which you put on the brown fabric or the bubble wrap. Danger: Please only cover the pots, not the plants.

at phylum There is a risk on sunny winter days that the bark is on the trunk due to rapid warming Frost cracks gets. These can be an entry point for the spring pathogen on. To prevent such frost cracks, shade the trunk best with pine needles or wrap him around Burlap or tubular mats.
A thin one fleece protects the crowns of the potted plants from icy ones Wind, desiccating winter sun and too much wetness through snow and rain. When wrapping your garden treasures, make sure you do not squeeze the branches. To the root ball in front cold floors protect the tubs Styrofoam plates.

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