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Remove PU foam - 11 agents against mounting foam: mounting

Construction foam is practical and easy to use. The mass is supplied in compact spray bottles and only gains volume by contact with the air before it hardens very quickly. What an advantage for the assembly, is disadvantageous when the foam must be removed. If you can not do this immediately, the removal is more time consuming.

Effective removal of construction foam

The versatility of the window foam means that it is used very often. First and foremost, it is used to seal windows and doors. After installation, there are joints and leaks. The foam has a thick consistency during spraying. In the air it cures immediately. It is not always possible to spray the foam exactly into the joints and then immediately remove the remains. The elimination of the overflowing foam takes place only after curing. Even with conversion measures must often be removed Zargenschaum. In any case, it is easier to seek elimination while the foam is still soft. However, since you do not have much time for this measure, it is important for you to know how the removal of the cured foam is possible. In any case, you should arrange for the removal of the excess foam during the construction work as soon as possible.
Good to know: Window foam has a soft consistency immediately after use. Distance is easiest at this time.

Prudence at work with mounting foam

PU foam - mounting foam - construction foam

Basically, you can remove the foam even if it is already completely cured. Already during the work with the mounting foam it is possible to limit the later effort for the removal by caution and mindfulness. Also note that the construction foam can not only spread in the joints. It may also be necessary to remove it from the skin or clothing because it will adhere very stubbornly. For this reason, it is important that you do not wear high quality clothing while working. Opt for work clothes or older clothes that you do not wear as often. From the clothing, the stubborn foam is very difficult to remove. The same applies to the skin, so it is recommended that you wear gloves and long clothing while working. This is especially true if you are not yet well versed in working with the foam. Careful work ensures that later on with a possible distance, you do not have to spend so much time and deal with your actions faster.
Good to know: PU foam can be removed from clothing and skin only with effort. Therefore, work with the necessary care.

Ways to remove the window foam

Not always you will be able to prevent the persistent Zargenschaum does not fix in a place where it is not desirable. If a removal is necessary, you have several options. You can opt for a mechanical removal or you resort to a chemical remover. However, there are also home remedies that are very effective when it comes to eliminating PU foam. Whichever you choose depends on the size of the foam to be removed, but also on your personal attitude. The chemical removal is very effective, for example, but sometimes you do not want to use such detergents. Home remedies and the mechanical version require more effort depending on the consistency of the foam. Ultimately, however, you will achieve a successful result by all means.
Tip: Sometimes it may be necessary to try several methods. This depends on the soiled area, but also on the consistency and degree of curing of the construction foam.

Mechanical removal of the construction foam

Remove mounting foam with cutter

Behind the mechanical removal of Zargenschaum hides the manual scraping of the dirty surfaces. You need a spatula or a very sharp knife, with which you can remove the foam from the surface. Important for the mechanical removal is that the surface on which the foam has settled is not damaged. The removal of plastic surfaces is easier with this method than the removal of wood, because the surface of the natural material is softer and can be easily scratched. On the other hand, however, you have the opportunity to work the wood after the mechanical removal of the construction foam. This is achieved by a new paint or by a coat of paint. On the other hand, plastic windows and doors can retain scratches as residues.
Thats how it works:
Use the following tools:
  • spatula
  • razor blade
  • box cutter
  • Ceranfeldschaber
  • wire brush
  • steel wool
For larger quantities of construction foam, take the carpet knife and remove the foam. This is very easy thanks to the airy consistency of the foam.After that, usually a remnant will remain, which firmly adheres to the surface. How you eliminate this depends on the type of surface and the amount of foam. Here, the wire bust and the steel wool can serve well, for example, when it comes to uneven window joints. Use a spatula or a sharp razor blade on the frame.

How to use a PU foam remover

Mounting foam remover

A chemical window remover has the advantage of a simple and fairly easy application. However, you must be prepared to use a chemical agent. In addition, you should make sure that the remover for the mounting foam does not attack the surface. However, the classic wooden or plastic surfaces from which the windows are typically made are generally safe in that the remover is matched to these materials. Remover for the window foam you get in hardware stores and in the building materials trade. When making a purchase, make sure that the area to be processed on the bottle is sufficient for your needs and, if necessary, add a small amount for safety. The building remover you get from different manufacturers. In the application, the individual products are very similar.
Thats how it works:
Begin by mechanically removing the construction foam as described. Try to remove as much of the foam as possible in this way. The chemical cleaner should only be used for the remains that persistently stick to the surface.

1. Spray the cleaner on the places where the building foam stuck after mechanical removal.

2. Leave a reaction time of about 30 minutes.

3. The residues are softened and can be easily removed with a spatula or wooden spatula.

4. Clean the surface conventionally with water and mild detergent.

If the first action was unsuccessful, repeat the above steps one or two more times. If you are unsuccessful, make another move.

Home remedy for the removal of Zargenschaum

Remove building foam

As an alternative to mechanical and chemical cleaning, you can use home remedies. The effectiveness is amazingly good, but ultimately depends on the consistency of the foam.
You can use these home remedies for the removal of window foam:
  • nail polish remover
  • isopropanol
  • Mix coffee powder and detergent in the same amount (skin-friendly)
If you made use of isopropanol, ask at the pharmacy. It is important with the home remedies that they are not damaged by the means the surface on which the foamy foam adheres. This is especially true when using nail polish remover or isopropanol. Therefore, before using it in a non-conspicuous place, test how the home remedy behaves on the ground. If there are no concerns, you can start the removal. Proceed in the same way as when using the chemical PU foam remover and spray or dab the solution onto the solid construction foam. Wait up to ten minutes if you use nail polish remover or isopropanol. With the mixture of coffee powder and detergent, the waiting time is about 30 minutes. Then use a wire bust to remove the debris.
Good to know: Sometimes it is helpful to use two of the home remedies in a row, if the residues are particularly stubborn.

Remove mounting foam from skin and clothing

While working with the frame foam, it can happen, despite the greatest care, that residues remain on the clothing or on the skin. If you have worn old clothes or a work combination and the elimination does not succeed, it is not so serious. However, remove the debris from the skin as soon as possible.
Elimination of the clothes
The removal does not succeed with all substances. It is therefore an advantage to wear clothes made of a smooth fabric while working with the window foam. With nail polish remover or a razor blade, the mounting foam may be removed.
Danger: Detergents have no effect and can not dissolve the PU foam from the fibers of the clothing.
Removal of the skin

Coffee & detergent against foam on the skin

Use a cream with a very high fat content or a washing paste. Apply the cream or paste to the skin as quickly as possible so that the foam dissolves before the skin becomes overly irritated. Let the active ingredient penetrate the skin for some time. Any remaining residue is removed with a soft brush.
Tip: Wear work gloves or rubber gloves when working with the construction foam and make sure the gloves cover your forearm.

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