Maintain pumpkin - 6 tips

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Pumpkins need a lot of care

If you want a really nice Halloween pumpkin, then you should go to great lengths to care for the pumpkin.

Pumpkins need a lot of care

Pumpkins are something really great, because you can not only eat them, but also decorate the house or the garden. Especially at Halloween time, a hollowed out pumpkin with a scary face looks very nice. So that your self-planted pumpkins flourish magnificently, you should pay so much attention to the care. We have put together once for you the most important care tips.

Maintain pumpkin - 6 tips

Tip 1:
Pumpkins need a lot of sun and nutrients (less nitrogen), which is why they need to be fertilized again and again during growth. It is ideal if they are therefore placed in advance in a well-loosened soil on which compost was applied.

Tip 2:
During longer drying periods, the plants must be sufficiently supplied with water. The pumpkin is poured either in the morning or in the early evening hours.

Tip 3:
If there are numerous snails in the pumpkin bed, which often leads to their threat even in the case of small plants, the problem should be reduced to loaves with some slug pellets.

Tip 4:
Poorly developed pumpkins and rotten fruits should always be removed from the plant stock immediately, so that the good fruits can get more nutrients and thereby develop better.

Tip 5:
A thin layer of mulch keeps the soil around the pumpkin loose. In addition, so the soil is kept evenly moist, which is very good for the development of pumpkins.

Tip 6:
Frequently roots form on the undersides of the tendrils. You can promote the formation of the roots by piling up the plant parts. By the way, you also promote the nutrient supply.

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