Carving pumpkin - a guide

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Carving pumpkin - a guide: guide

Ideally, let the pumpkin dry for about 14 days after purchase.
As a result, the pumpkin matures, making the shell firmer and easier to work with. You should also make sure that the fruit has no external damage, so they do not prematurely rot.Mittelgroße large pumpkin fruits are particularly good for carving.

Carving carving - preparation and tools

As carving tools simple knives and spoons in different sizes can be used. Even with a small saw blade you can work very well and precisely. In addition, the trade offers carving sets specially made for pumpkin carving. Before you start, prepare a bowl for the pulp. You should not underestimate the volume of the pumpkin and choose a correspondingly large bowl or bucket.

Instructions for pumpkin carving

Pumpkin carving begins by cutting out the lid at the top where the stem is located. The cutting can be star-shaped, angular or simply round. It is important that when cutting the knife leads obliquely, so that the lid has an edge for sitting. The cut angle of the lid should be about 45 degrees or slightly less so as not to fall inside. Then the pulp is scraped out with a spoon. The soft flesh is removed except for a two centimeters thick remaining sidewall. Pumpkin pulp from edible fruits is very healthy and tasty. Therefore, it can be stored cool, later processed into various dishes. For the face of the pumpkin, preferably pre-drawn templates or templates are used. When selecting a suitable template, the size and shape of the pumpkin fruit should be considered. Then place the template on the desired spot and fix it with small pins. Now the contours can be transferred to the pumpkin with a felt-tip pen. When carving you should always work from the inside out to the edge, so as not to hurt yourself. Smaller parts are cut first, then the big parts. It happens that small parts break off. These can be easily re-attached using needles or toothpicks. For one part at least two needles are used, so that a sufficient hold is guaranteed. Finally, the pumpkin is cleaned with a smooth cloth and smoothed. After that, the lighting is provided by a tealight or, for safety, by an artificial light.

Pumpkins - shelf life

When the pumpkin dries out and changes its shape, it can be put into the water for about half an hour to delay the process. Even hair spray and clear coat to extend the shelf life of carved pumpkins. However, you can not consistently preserve the pumpkin, so you should think of a souvenir photo in good time.

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