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The pumpkin harvest was more fruitful than expected this year? No problem, because pumpkins are great to freeze. These 2 options are there.

Frozen pumpkin bits

In recent years, the pumpkin has increased enormously in popularity with us. Many now like him so much that they grow the pumpkin in their own garden. But unfortunately he only pleases us in the late summer / autumn with his fruits. The rest of the year we have to give up the enjoyment. Unless you buy pumpkin in glasses.

So here's our tip: you can preserve some of the pumpkins at harvest time by freezing them! This will allow you to snack pumpkin for about four to six months longer, because it will last for as long as frozen.

Freeze pumpkin - That's how it works!

If you want to preserve a pumpkin by freezing, you have two different options to choose from. When deciding on an option, it is important that you know in advance what you want to do with the pumpkin later. If you want to prepare the pumpkin as a vegetable, you should cut it into smaller pieces before freezing. On the other hand, if you would like to make soups at a later date, you should freeze it as mus.

➤ Option 1 - Freeze pumpkin raw:

Step 1:

If you want to freeze the pumpkin raw, you should first remove the shell. You can eat the Hokkaido pumpkin with its shell, so you do not have to cut it off. For other pumpkin varieties, you should remove them before freezing.

Step 2:

Then you should cut open the pumpkin and free from the cores and the stalk. Small tip: The cores in any case simply dispose of. These can wonderfully roast you.

Step 3:

Then cut the pumpkin into cubes or small pieces and fill individual portions into freezer containers or bags.

Do not blanch the pumpkin before freezing, otherwise it will quickly become mushy.

➤ Option 2 - freeze pumpkin as Mus:

If it is certain that the pumpkin is to serve for the preparation of a soup at a later date, then you can give it in the form of mus in the freezer.

Step 1:

The pumpkin you have to hollow out in this variant, core and cut into small pieces. If it is not Hokkaido, you must first remove the shell.

Step 2:

Then put the pumpkin pieces in a pot with a little water and steam them for about 20 minutes until they are soft.

Step 3:

Then pour the liquid away and purée the pumpkin with a blender. The mus can be filled into containers after cooling and placed in the freezer.

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