Maintain nutmeg pumpkin - this is how the pumpkins get especially big

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Nutmeg gourds can reach a weight of up to 40 kilograms. But this only if everything was done properly during the care and he is not attacked by pests.

Maintain nutmeg pumpkin

Pumpkins belong to the easy-care and undemanding plants, so of course the nutmeg squash. Once it sprouts, then you do not have to do much maintenance. Even with inexperienced gardeners he thrives very well.

The best part is that you are often rewarded with a rich harvest for the little effort you make. The pumpkins are then not small, they can reach a weight of 40 kg gigantic - each pumpkin is understood.

No care, or rather, a little mindfulness, it is not.

4 care tips for the nutmeg pumpkin

Pouring - but right

Without adequate water intake, your nutmeg pumpkin will not develop a splendid fruit. Pour daily and make sure the floor does not dry out.

When pouring but like to sneak errors. The pumpkin - like pumpkin plants in general - has delicate leaves that start to rot easily. It is therefore not advisable to keep the garden hose over the pumpkin and to water in this way. It is better to moisten the soil directly around the pumpkin.

" Tip: Casting aids, such as buried clay pots, are ideal for the nutmeg pumpkin. You can also bridge a longer absence by placing a water bottle upside down next to the pumpkin in the ground and filling it with water. The water slowly seeps into the ground.

Cut off large leaves and support the nutmeg pumpkin

Although large leaves look gorgeous, they deprive the nutmeg pumpkin of power. Therefore, cut off particularly large leaves so that the plant can put all energy into the fruit formation. When the fruits grow big, they often hang near the ground or lie directly on the ground. Now the problem arises that the pumpkin can rot. This is prevented by placing a board or a stone under the fruit.

The danger of snails

Unfortunately, pumpkin plants have predators. Snails appreciate the large leaves and often fall on the pumpkins. Check the bed regularly for slug infestation and collect the pests. Snail fences prevent the animals from ever getting near the pumpkin.

Chemical control agents are only partially suitable. After all, you want to enjoy the nutmeg pumpkin. Take chemical insecticides, the pumpkin plant can absorb the poison and transfer it into the fruit. The pumpkin would be so inedible.

Aphids on nutmeg pumpkin

Every now and then nutmeg pumpkin plants are attacked by aphids. In strong plants, the pests do little damage, young plants should be sprayed with the hose so that the lice find no support. Natural remedies that help against both lice and fungi are:

  • Brew cloves of garlic as tea and put the broth in a spray bottle. Regularly spray the plant with the broth.
  • Milk helps against mildew. Use the ratio 1: 8 (milk eight parts) and spray the mixture on the plant. The home remedy, however, is not suitable in the sun or in hot temperatures.


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